Bones Burger Taco Salad

So, if you don't know, my husband and I have created a little side company selling burgers that are gluten free and vegetarian, and amazing. ( Not like the disgusto creations that are currently on the market. (no offense. but choosy health nuts still like things to taste good)

Well, in the course of making the perfect recipe, there have been lots of trials....and errors. Oh what to do with the errors? Well, this week, I crumbled some of the failed experiments and made a ground burger out of them and used it to top my taco salad. Fan - spankin- tastic!

Now, I realize with these delightful ditties not yet on the market, it will be hard to create this recipe. Just bookmark it people, you're going to want to try this ( and it wouldn't be such a bad deal if you buy the burgers when we go live!)

When it's time:

Make a taco salad as you normally would
Crushed tortilla chips in the bottom,

handful of shredded spinach

olives, tomatoes, onions, peppers (pick your poison)

1 can kidney beans or 1 cup rehydrated dried kidney beans

then I use one bottle of Goddess Roasted Red Pepper dressing. Still a whole food

Add the crumbled, fried no bones burgers

Quick! Simple! And who doesn't love that!

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