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Good morning!  (Or whenever you are reading this).

When I start speaking Food Fx to students, they can often get overly cautious and come to see the Congestor function as the BAD guys.  Remember, each function serves a purpose and are useful in themselves.  It's the IMBALANCING and the OVERUSE of Congestor function (or any function) that can cause problems.  

The world is built on balance and it's no different for your food.  

Assuming the Congestor foods are now BAD guys, people avoid very useful foods from that list or "deprive" themselves by avoiding them. 

It's not about deprivation, avoidance(unless you're in a health state that requires it for a period of time) but incorporation and using the functions accordingly.

Following balanced food functions doesn't mean you can't have oatmeal for breakfast...or pancakes...waffles....or muffins.  It means eating them appropriately.  I know when I eat, my mind is always on fortifying with as many fruits and veg as possible so I don't even think about oatmeal or pancakes, but when I want it once in a while, I can.  I simply balance it.

So oatmeal was on the morning menu.  First of all, I took no more than the serving size on the box  1/2 cup. I used more like 1/4 c.  There's a drastic difference between the size of that bowl and the mountains people typically add to their bowl!

Most of my bowl was raspberries, strawberries and fresh blueberries.  I added cinnamon and a handful of walnuts.  

It was still very filling, but was filling in a way that fortified me rather than causing mucous and inflammation.  

Let me know what goodie additions you added to your oatmeal bowl.  I might try it!


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