Roast Beef AuJus Sandwiches

We include this easy sandwich recipe as an option to 7D Nourishment plan.  If you choose this plan, it allows for 30% of your diet to be obtained through animal products, unless you have adopted the vegan lifestyle, which is worth learning about.

However, in the transition to it, or a less meat consumption diet for health or moral reasons, we do include a few recipes in our RESET 30 DAY containing meat. 

Roast Beef AuJus Sandwiches

The recipe is simple and uses gluten free bread, or traditional hoagies.  

Layer deli cut slices of Roast beef, with layers of swiss cheese.

Broil until cheese is bubbly and brown.

Dipping sauce is simply beef broth, ideally homemade, or in a pinch, a low sodium variety of commercially prepared beef broth.

Notice that through our nourishment plan, we include very few commercially prepared foods or ingredients. 


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