Veggie Rich Taco Salad


I love taco salad, and it's super easy to adapt it to any health need.  We make one batch and let the family alter it as they need.   It can be eaten as is, with lettuce or mixed greens and is a perfect Weight Rebalancing food, great for Stage 1 of our Perfect Weight Rebalancing diet plan.

1 can sliced black olives

1 can sliced green olives

1 red pepper, diced

1 green pepper, diced

1 purple onion, diced

Squeeze of lime

1 head of romaine hearts, chopped, or mixed greens

1 bottle of Annie's Roasted Red Pepper Dressing


In stage 1 of Perfect Weight, don't use any chips.  Otherwise, we found chips made with Cassava Flour.

  *Note:  if you are following DrFoodie's Polysaccharide Free plan, these chips are not legal. 

In stage 2, we crush up a handful of Corn tortilla chips and stir in. 


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Amanda E. Soulvay Plevell, PhD, CNHP is a Holistic Doctor and Wellness Advocate and Educator, Entrepeneur, and a most popularly followed Intuitive Life Coach, Self and Business Trainer and Program Developer. She is a recognized authority on Concept Pathology, the psychology of nourishment, and their effects on healing. Author of over 28 natural health and self development books, Amanda is well sought after in the arenas of education, wellness and health, and business development. Her bestselling books include such titles as " The Success Conditioning Work it Out Book", "The Genesis Code", "I Am Success", "The Energy of Divorce", "The Real Heal: The Genesis Code", "Clean Your Plate," and "Beyond the Plate".

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