Reset #2 - 7D Nourishment

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7D Nourishment is DrFoodie's planned program for healthy dietary lifestyle.  Not only what is on your plate, but for maximizing the body's NOURISHMENT with what is on your plate.  The method allows for the greatest bioavailability from the food's you eat, promotes the best digestion possible, focuses on balance with an understanding to the Functions of Food, encourages support of the body's overall functioning with the least amount of inflammation possible.  As a vegan or vegetarian, the diet is easy to adapt, and features mostly plant based foods to consume.  For those that have not chosen that lifestyle, the amount of meat and animal products is brought down to a more balanced level of intake.  The goal is not to judge whether one should be vegan or meat eater, but to help all bodies be able to nourish themselves in balance according to functions of food, and in accordance with the functions of the body.

So, 7D stands for "70", as in 70%.  This means that the nourishment comes from at least 70% plant based sources, and 30% that may contain animal product, grain, or foods from conventional dieting.  the "D" stands for "dimension" because of DrFoodie's belief in wellness across all dimensions of the whole life.  

Much of society's ills can be attributed to overdone and imbalanced eating, particularly of improper foods.  When we study the functions of the body, eat foods that function the body properly, and eat in balance, the body is more inclined towards healthy manifestations.  Much of the current American diet consists of far greater protein and bread carbs than are required or are even healthy for a human body.  7D is an optional style of nourishment in which the intention is the balance according to innate needs and original functional purpose of a body. 

Throughout the reset, these food functions and the 7D nourishment program is applied.  Each week, the meals consist of 70% plant based meals.  You will find these are meat free, and either vegetarian or vegan in nature.  30% are allowed to be meat or animal product based.

This means that across the 7 day week, 3 days are allowed to have animal product meals.  Some would translate this at 21 meals a week = 7 meals that can be meat,  or 1 meal a day.  However, eating meat daily does not allow the body ample time to recover from the inflammation and acidity animal products cause.  Choose 3 days a week in which you will allow animal products.  It is up to each individual how many meals on those days will contain animal products, according to personal preference and belief.  Those that choose no animal products can do simply avoid any meals containing animal products. 

This nourishment plan is also gluten free, and often grain free, as it is meant to be a low inflammatory diet.  It takes into consideration health as a whole and does not use unhealthy fats, processed foods, and refined sugars.  



Breakfast:  Breakfast Granola Bowl

Lunch:  Red Beans and Rice.  These are easy to keep prepped in the fridge.  Now, simply toss on an array of herbs and vegetables and a favorite sauce.  Might I suggest cilantro, mint, peppers, onions, and cauliflower?  Top with a healthy taco sauce or homemade salsa!  Following the Fresh Fridge Formulas are a GREAT way to make lunch easy.  This is only one example, and you'd already have all the veg cut up and ready for you in the fridge, so it makes lunch a snap!

Supper:  Red Lentil Pasta with Tomato Yogurt Cream (yogurt can easily be subbed with coconut cream for animal product free)

Dessert or snack:  Peaceful Pumpkin Pie (Honey can be replaced with xylitol in equal measure)



Health and wellness spans the whole life.  Part of the reset is checking in with the mental programming we have acquired over the years.  Often times these "programs" are faulty operating systems that no longer serve us and it is time for an upgrade.  It is time to check in with and identify which concepts you carry that may be hindering you from the well life you are seeking and which we can bless and send on their way.   Here are some lessons to get you started:

Becoming Aware of Your Faulty Concepts

Beginning Concepting

I Think I Can:  Getting Started Understanding Concepts

Personal Goals and Image Points Worksheet





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