Reset #6 A Word on Fresh

A word on Fresh today....

So what is "real"  food?  We hear that talked about repeatedly, so it would be good to know what that means, exactly.  Real food constitutes a food that has as minimal processing as possible.  It is a natural food grown as clean as possible, without additives and processing, taken from natural environment to plate.  It is the foods that were meant to function the body, like fruits ,vegetables, grains, seeds, beans, rice, lentils, etc.  Some people include "real" food  to mean meats and some do not.  For our purposes, we are going to use the term "fresh", because we are trying to encompass healthy capacity for all eating styles.  For meat eaters, this would mean adding fresh caught fish and clean butchered meats without additives and preservatves to the list of real foods above.  Put simply, boxes, cans and bags of processed, colored, seasoned and flavored foods are not "real".  They are not clean, pure and fresh and they now include the problematic ingredients that bring inflammation and illness to the body. 

We use the term fresh to mean the freshest, closest to nature as possible foods with as little processing as possible, the cleanest and purest forms. 

Fresh foods contain the highest nutrient and enzyme content, all of which are necessary for the body's healthy functioning.  Fresh foods are the foods that are the first deleted due to "convenience" and time, when in reality, fresh foods are the easiest to eat fresh from the earth, without much preparation but a quick wash.  This is one of the many misunderstandings we have adopted over time that have put us on a path of confusion when it comes to our food. 

Food should not have to be complicated.  Recipes are not necessary to create fantastic tasting and healthy meals, in fact, the more involved a recipe is, the more personal processing you are doing to the food.  Food is finest and purest in it's most raw form with the least amount done to it to make it safe and available in our bodies.  With that in mind, meal planning becomes easy.  However, the RESET 30 day is more like a transition period.  Most people using the RESET are coming from a conventional, processed and prepared diet.  You'll see throughout the RESET that we are trying to take baby steps at a time.  If we've been eating processed flavor additive foods, it can be hard to switch right to fresh and have it taste good where one is going to stick with it.  Plus, many people don't know how to begin making "meals" with healthy recipes that taste good, or at least similar to the foods they've been used to. So RESET works to add more fresh foods a bit at a time, and you'll see "recipes" used throughout in order to make the transition easier.  


Today's lessons include awareness work to get to know yourself better, and it all comes down to concepts.  We need to become aware of what hasn't worked in the past, and why we chose to believe those faulty ideas.  This involves getting to know our minds, the way we think, and seeing the patterns in our lives, defining what we want different in our futures.  Foods, exercise, mathematics, all things have a pattern, a cycle, a FUNCTION.  So do you, not only your body's organs that have function, but you're whole purpose for being here

Here is another great concepting exercises to work on:

I Think I Can:  Getting Started Concepting

Do these Daily Exercises for Concepting Success

Use this link to gain access to our browse our toolbox of concepting exercises.


For those that have a weight loss(re-balancing) focus for this RESET, here is another lesson for your to employ today:

Weight Loss Part I


Today's Sample Menu:

Breakfast:  Glowing Skin Smoothie

Lunch:  Mixed greens salad with sunflower seeds, carrot matchsticks, mushrooms, chickpeas, red pepper, and healthy dressing of choice.  Can do a side of chickpea, lentil, or gluten free noodles if still hungry

Supper:  Spinach and Artichoke Baked Potatoes

Dessert or "sweet" treat:  Pure and Simple Healthy Apple Crisp


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