Reset #7 - Enzymes: What They Are and Why We Need Them

Today is all about enzymes!  Absolutely necessary component of nutrition, it can be the cause of many imbalances in many situations.  It's absolutely necessary to get enzymes, as that is what helps our food diges, metabolize, and make use of nutrients, as well as a number of other catalytic actions in the body. 

Enzymes are in our natural raw foods, especially fruits and vegetables.  Did you know that it is an enzyme that is in the skin of nuts that prohibits the nut from digesting when it is buried underground?  Knowing this, we can understand why some people might have trouble digesting nuts, and we can understand why some say to soak them and remove the skin.  Did you know that the bruising on an apple fallen from the tree is simply enzymes performing their function?  Did you know that our bodies mimic this function as well?

Watch this video to learn more.


Knowing what we know about enzymes, one MAJOR step we can take towards health is to incorporate more enzymes into our diet through natural enzyme rich foods.  This is a great day to add more fresh raw plant foods into our diets. 

A few days back into our RESET, we talked about the functions of foods.  One of those functions are the Eliminators.  This is the category of enzyme rich foods that we can choose from.  If you've studied the Law of Nourishment and learned the steps to eating, you will remember that it is wise practice to eat some Eliminators before anything else.  Remember when we used to eat in "courses"?  This is because they knew that eating raw greens before anything else was good for digestion.  This is becasue they are rich with enzymes. 

Many people supplement their diet with enzymes specifically for their needs.  We can help with that if you determine it is of value.  Contact us for more help. 


 3 Simple Ways to Feel Better Digestive Health TONIGHT


Sample Menu (a 30% day):

Breakfast:  Mint "Ice Cream" Smoothie, with Oat Banana Muffins

Lunch:  Black Bean Wraps

Black beans, olives, avocado, salsa and corn on a tortilla

Supper:  Potato Artichoke Chowder

Treat yourself:   Fruit and GF Graham Cracker Pie Crust   

Simply bake your crust, add some sliced, peeled, and deseeded fruit of choice and bake until the fruit is soft and tender.  Top with a little yogurt or coconut cream.  Yum!

Even though this is a 30% day (animal proteins allowed), remember that is "as desired".  This day is still just as easy to adapt to remain vegetarian or vegan. 


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