Reset Day 11 - A Word on Carbs

A word on carbs.  There seems to be much confusion on the idea of no carb, low carb, what kind of carbs we should be eating.

There is much to be said on the topic as well, but to put it in a nutshell:

There are some people who are in a healing crisis and the most natural and effective immediate assistance to give the body to bring back balance is to eat in such a way that it has a low inflammatory result.  This ultimately means reducing or eliminating bread/grain carbs for a period of time. 

Much of the reason, in my opinion, that we have had such a crazy influx of information concerning gluten free, celiac, low carb diets and such is that WE WERE EATING THEM IN A VERY UNBALANCED FASHION!  Too many breads/ grains, especially of the processed variety, not enough balance of alkalizing foods, protein, or eliminator foods.   Any unbalanced eating style is going to cause effects of nutritional losses and inaccuracies. 

We are then confused by carbs in general.  However, what DrFoodie teaches through the Law of Nourishment is to eat natural carbs...from vegetable sources!  Vegetables have the amazing smart carbs that are meant to healthfully fuel our bodies.  They also contain the b vitamins so necessary for our bodies, and that we typically get through bread servings.  When you overeat starchy/sugary carbs, they send out fat maker hormonal signals where smart carbs send out fat BURNER messages. Fat creates its own hormonal factory, and bread can impede nutrient absorption if it's not digested properly. 

There are carbs that bring us better benefit in the other macros:  the proteins and fats.  If monitored, you would be surprised how much carb food you get.  I choose to focus getting my carbs in the places that also bring with it the best nutrient to calorie benefit:  nuts, seeds, fruits and veg.  

Some options you can make use of if you are a person that created massive inflammatory imbalance and are in need of rebalancing both in health and eating style:

How to Restore Gut Balance

IBYes Gut Health plan

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Meals for today:

Breakfast:  High Protein Oatmeal Pancakes with Sunbutter Syrup

Lunch:  Thai Green Curry Vegetables and Noodles with Peanut Sauce

Supper:Red Lentil Pasta with Tomato Yogurt Cream


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