Reset Day 13 - Food is an Experience, and a HEALTHY Experience is Essential

Food is the simplest way to practice living in the now because it is done multiple times a day, and involves every one of our senses.  It connects our relationships, and it connects the outside world to our bodies. It is a full blown sensory experience. Not only does it employ every one of our senses, but this act of allowing it to use those senses in discovering our food has major health benefits, and joins the purpose of the body.  
When we pick our own food, when we select fresh produce, we are already joining with the energy of the food.  We can feel the firmness of the tomato, and see the vibrant color with our eyes, smell the sting of the onion as we slice it, and the strength of the garlic as we press it.  All of this not only mentally prepares ourselves to intake food, but it physiologically prepares us as well. Enzymes are already being emitted in the salivary glands and delivered to the mouth in preparation for what will be entering.  This stimulates enzyme production everywhere else in the body. It stimulates stomach acid, which protects us from bacteria that may come in, and also to produce the proper ph to absorb food. When we are preparing and eating food, using our senses, our minds are commissioned to tend to the work at hand, because again, ALL five senses are involved.   When we are present, and are “paying attention” through our senses, we are practicing being in the moment. When we are not present, much of the experience of the food is lost. Physiologically, our bodies suffer for our rush, and the food experience is not enjoyed to the capacity that it could be beneficial to us, body, mind, and soul.

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Breakfast:  Fall Granola Cereal

Lunch:  Tortilla Soup

Supper:  Wrap Station


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