Reset Day 22 - We Think All Food in the Grocery Store Qualifies as FOOD. It Doesn't.

The Very Nature of Food
WHERE did food originally come from?  Back before factories and production lines? Where did the factories get the food to model after, or to create from?  You got it: nature. Food was grown in nature, and still is. What is essential, beneficial, and the least toxic to our bodies is the food that is grown naturally and originally intended for the body’s use.  Where did we ever get the idea that packaged, processed and canned or bagged food was suitable anyway? *tab new paragraph* Let’s go back to roots and origination of food. Before it was able to be mass produced and transformed into the colorful packaging it is today, food was in the best packaging it could be...the Earth.  It was pluckable straight from the trees, or the ground and consumed immediately. This assured maximum nutrient intake as well as the best chance of receiving the enzymes from that food source. Enzymes not only digest our food, but are the catalysts for every other action in the body. Enzymes in food are naturally formed along with the nutrients within that food.  Through some unique innate coding, fresh natural food straight from the source and unprocessed contain not only the nutrients it hosts, but also the wherewithal to break down those nutrients so we can use them. This unchangeable and very important fact of nature has seemingly been forgotten, as evident in our drive towards preserved, processed convenient foods. This very large bit of unchangeable truth has been pushed to the wayside and at our own detriment.  Taking foods from their original source, unaltered, was and is still the best sources of nutrition to match the direct functions of our bodies.

 Breakfast:  Oatmeal Becomes Balanced

Lunch:  Fresh Fridge Lunch Formulas or:

Smashed Chickpea and avocado sandwich:  One can chickpeas, 1/2 avocado, salt and pepper to taste, mashed together.  Lay on gluten free bread with lettuce and sprouts and tomato. 

Supper:  Vegetable Lo Mein


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