Reset Day 25 - The Scoop on Carbs

“I can’t eat carbs.”
It’s true, there are a lot of diets out there that relate to avoiding carbs.  However, what is not often thought about is the wide range of whole grains that are available like millet, teff, quinoa, amaranth and all of the rices.  For a period of healing, yes, a polysaccharide free diet can be highly beneficial, but for the mainstream, and maintenance daily eating, whole grain carbs provide a lot of benefits, particularly Vitamin B12 which can be difficult to come by outside of whole grains.   The danger here is that these dieters tend to avoid carbs in favor or a diet heavy in proteins and fats, which spell disaster for heart disease and cancer, actually increasing the risk of disease or death.

What would be wise for the dieter is to study the functional qualities of each food, as well as truth in labeling so one would know how to eat foods in balance with each other and the needs of the body, thereby avoiding the possibility of nutritionally related disease.  

In truth, the "carbs" the body most wants and needs to be nourished with are the "carbs" found in vegetables, not in processed grain foods.  You might surprise yourself how many carbs are in vegetables.  I kept track of my macronutrients at various times and while I was trying to eat "low carb" and avoid grains altogether, it was STILL surprising to me how many carbs I was consuming!  Try a macronutrient calculator; you might surprise yourself. 

But what remains to be discussed are the real reasonings BEHIND why we allow excuses and justifications to prevent us from being the healthiest and happiest we could be.  If we wanted to eat healthy, we would, so it stands to reason that if someone is making choices against this outcome, that the pull towards the opposite is greater. Whatever the individual is “getting” in making these choices needs to be unearthed in order to establish a real sense of healing and manifestation of their healthy goals.  There are reasons (often subconsious ones) why we don’t make the decisions that would help our health goals to manifest and if we have an excuse or a justification, then we don’t have to identify them. It is “understood” and “acceptable”, yet we are still the ones that suffer because we still are far away from our goal.


 Breakfast:  Not Your Grandma's Fruit Salad

Lunch:   Guacamole and tortilla chips, serve with diced tomatoes, cilantro, parsley, lettuce, and olives

Supper:  Italian Chickpea Pasta


What if I told you that symptoms of ALL KINDS OF DISEASE and illnesses could be reduced by simply restoring body balance using SIMPLE techniques?

After Completing DrFoodie RESULTS 90 Day Transformation Programyou could:

Experience weight loss and/or fat loss
Experience a re-balancing of your body’s shaping
Discover a new sense of contentment with yourself
Improve your mood
Feel more energy
Feel happier and more joyful
Enjoy your life more
Feel less grumpy or moody
Feel more clarity
Notice less illness
Notice less pain and/or stiffness
Notice a reduction in symptoms previously held
Change your mindset
Change your viewpoint and concepts
Feel healthier in your eating
Feel more confident in your meal planning and food knowledge
Be happier in your relationships
Feel happier with who you are
Feel less anxious, worried, or fearful on a daily basis
Feel healthier overall
ANYONE can positively affect ANYTHING in SOME way through better nourishment!  See for yourself!

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