Reset Day 28 - Teaching Kids To Have a Good Relationship With Food

So how to you get a child to have a good relationship with food? 

Understand them and their life from THEIR point of view, AT EVERY AGE!  They are not "under' you.  They are their own human being with thoughts, concepts, beliefs, and programming of their own.  It would be wise of you to see things their way so you can understand the concepts that brought them to where they are.  But I will say this:  kids will eat according the environment they are in.  This was made real to me when I was working with a client from Sweden and she was telling me the food diary of her eight year old.  Internally I was thinking, "You would NEVER get American kids to eat ANY of that!"  And that just goes to show, kids will do what is normal in their environment.  That does not just mean your home, but what is considered "normal" to the culture.  Change the culture, change the children. 

Get them involved. Teach them to listen to how their bodies feel. Teach them how to handle emotions and what to do with them instead of choosing comfort through food.  Teach them the Functions of food and what to eat when. Teach them to pay attention to how their bodies feel after they eat. It is very important that they learn to understand what their bodies feel like when they eat certain foods.  I teach kids to listen to those signals. My parents forced me to eat and it turned out to be foods I shouldn’t have been eating. It makes no sense not to listen. Don’t push them into a disease that can be preventable. Certainly Younger kids have to be guided by making the choices and providing for them. They don’t know that how they are feeling is coming form their food.  At their age it is simply pleasure or not pleasurable. They will always choose the tastier, more pleasurable things. You get to decide what they eat. As they get older, it is more important to be teaching them how to fend for
themselves responsibly.  

 Breakfast:  Glowing Skin Smoothie

Lunch:  Stirfry Vegetables with Thai Green Curry sauce - Simply a stir fry with your favorite vegetables (mine for this are zucchini, yellow squash, carrot, onion, celery)tossed in a stir fry pan with 2 Tbsp oil until tender.  Add the pre-made sauce and serve.  

Supper:  Chickpea Burgers


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