Reset Day 29 - Abolish Sugar Cravings

“We can no longer only think about individual health.  We have to think about how everything is interconnected...every choice we make has consequences on us and on the planet.”
-Dr. Michelle McMacken


We can no longer think only about our own selves and our own physical health.  We must consider how our lifestyles affect the good of the whole.  How our eating patterns affect the other beings in our home space.

We urge you to keep growing, learning, and transforming, through education and awareness.  If you haven't done so already, set up an account on DrFoodie to keep receiving more transformational and growth exercises and information.  We are here to help and grow mass consciousness, as well as help you create your individual health freedom.   Use information to your benefit to grow and transform.  Don't be a sheep and follow conventional wisdom.  Question what is considered "Normal" of those being the grandly outrageous proportions of sugar that permeates throughout our culture...

There's not question that sugar continues to consistently be a common problem among the population of our society.  With sugar intake rates being markedly higher than even 10 years ago, there definitely is cause for alarm.  More and more kids are being diagnosed with metabolic disorders including diabetes and obesity.   Most practitioners believe anxiety and depression are greatly impacted by sugar intake as well.  In reality, food can change your outlook on life. 

Common problem that it is,  it's definitely not out of the question to have yet again another article about sugar.   

There is so much discussion surrounding the topic of sugar, and yet it still is an epidemic of a problem, especially among the youngest populations.  It is not uncommon to have pop with meals now, or to see sugars of one kind of another listed on packaging, even when it seems there is no need for sugar to be in there.   It seems like it it one holiday after another in which candy and goodies are the top priority.  Remember, cake on a birthday used to be a treat, because it was so rare.  Now sugar intake is so common place cake is hardly a special treat for the birthday person.  We have desensitized ourselves to the level of importance sugar has risen to when it comes to consumer expectation.  The sweeter, chocolate-y, or gooey creamy it is, the more the product will sell.  

What do we expect to happen with out childrens' health, their test scores, their brain development, their engagement and focus at school, when sugar is key to standard diet?

Our society has gotten so accustomed to the taste of sugar, that things don't taste as good without it.  Certainly vegetables taste bland in comparison.  The tongue even desensitizes itself to the other tastes, letting the sweet taste prevail.  Self will goes out the door due to many of the dark emotions we feel surrounding our food choices.  Here's what to do when you feel like you're losing the food fight

Teenage brains especially need sugar, but the right kinds, not the refined process confections we are used to our food being laden with.  Look for juicy fruits, and the  fibrous, complex carbs that vegetables provide.

Where Do We Begin?

If you follow our theory on Food Functions, it is easy to position your diet for success:  a diet that puts sugars in their proper place without removing them entirely.  

When you follow the functions of food in your diet, there is less likelihood for an over indulgence in the wrong kinds of foods, while giving proper sugars that the body can use and even needs.    Here are some free resources for learning and following our Food Fx program. 

Keys to reducing cravings include quality protein intake, good sources of quality fat, additional fiber, and water intake. 

It also is important to examine the conceptology (and what to do about them) behind sugar cravings:  what in your life is guiding the need for whatever you feel the sugar does for you?  Boredom, depression, and dissatisfaction are top of the list when it comes to reasons why people don't make choices for their health in general, with food being the number one avenue they use with those poor choices.   Belonging is another concept we crave and greatly impacts our food choices.  Here's how.

I ran across this article that has some good tips on why sugar is a problem and what you can do to abolish sugar cravings.   The points they make are direct, straight to the point, and absolutely dead on!  These are the kinds of things I see in my office every day.  Plus, they give great tips that are employable immediately to start reducing sugar cravings. 

Here is a blog post from our Reset 30 Day Program that will give you TONS of information as to Why We Do This Anyway

Don't forget, DrFoodie has your back when it comes to turning things around, or at least just some tasty functional food recipes.  Keep reading our articles and posts, learning and creating your own transformation, ultimately GAINING HEALTH FREEDOM through food and finding yourself.  

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Breakfast: Adrenal Balancing Pecan Pancakes

Lunch:  Fresh Fridge Lunch Formula or Enchilada loaded sweet potato - Prebaked sweet potato, stuffed with mexican spices, herbs, and vegetables, then baked in a 400 degree oven until vegetables are crisp tender.

Supper: Red Lentil Pasta With Tomato Yogurt Cream


There is a difference between Nutrition and Nourishment

What if I told you weight loss didn't have to be so hard, and that, especially for women there are some BIG metabolic factors that play a HUGE part?

Wouldn't it be great to stop playing the guilt and shame game where you endlessly beat up on yourself?

What if I told you that symptoms of ALL KINDS OF DISEASE and illnesses could be reduced by simply restoring body balance using SIMPLE techniques?

What if I told you that there are FUNCTIONS to food and their use and balance or imbalance will help to determine the expression of your health or non-health?

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