Beginning Your Reset #1

If you're feeling like it's time for a reset, this is a great place to begin!


Many come because they just feel like they're getting nowhere with their health.  Some come because they don't know where to START with their health.

I'll tell you ALWAYS comes down to food and what you feed your physical body with.  That's what DrFoodie is all about:   the FOOD ( or poison) you nourish your body with and the mental food or poison you nourish your mind and soul with!  ANYTHING can be a medicine or a poison!  Including thoughts, emotions and actions.  That's why DrFoodie teaches us to attain freedom in our health "Through Food and Finding Yourself".  It is important for us to examine our WHOLE life for what is nourishing us and what is depleting us.   The easiest way is to begin with FOOD!  It can clear your mind of toxins, restore its clarity, and release anxieties as problematic symptoms remedy themselves.  Among the many other things food does, which is why I want to re-educate you on food as FUEL for the body. 

It takes a reset to get back on track and the fastest way to improve BOTH your body and your mind/spirit/soul is to feel better with food!  Then you have the energy to do the other important work to attract your best self yet. 

With ANY healing in any dimension of your life, feeling better is going to increase the wealthy health in ALL areas of life. 

So Let's Begin with FOOD!  It's a great way to practice and develop self will, self control, and self discipline, which is super important for every other goal orientation you may create with yourself.

With me so far?

Here we go....

How this works so that you can make this the most successful reset.  This reset posts lifestyle plans every day for your use for 30 days.  Each post is chock full of links to recipes, articles, and exercises all over's online toolkit, giving you maximum education right at your fingertips.  These get "added to your cart" and then downloaded to your email inbox.  Most of them are free, some are of varying amounts, and NONE of them are an obligation to you to purchase, whatsoever!  They are there to help YOU!  Even if everything in your cart is free, you still "check out".  Following this you will receive the downloads.  We do this so that the best information is going to people that have real intention on healing and improving their lives.  It helps us keep track of who has had access to what, so that we don't repeat ourselves or so that if we do work with you in the future we don't waste your time with what you've already had.  

This way, you can get the basics for a doable reset, yet not be overwhelmed by too much information unless you request it.  Keep it simple.  Don't get overwhelmed.  Just follow the reset and ignore the links if you need to.  If you find you have an interest in more information through a link, follow it and check it out.  If it's for you, add it.  If it's not, simply come back to it later.  This is meant to help YOU!  The great thing is that you can store all of your email downloads in an email folder on your computer and come back to them again and again!

Let's begin...

Time to reset! This dietary plan is designed to reset your tastebuds so not only are the more healthy foods less offensive to you, but you'll actually start to develop a taste for them.   This includes the absence of ALL processed foods, junk food, refined sugar and sugar substitutes, dairy, gluten, and alcohol.  Why were some of these even classified to be called something that should go into our bodies in the first place?

The closer you stay to whole foods in the RESET, the faster your body will respond to good nutrition. It’s extremely important to follow the foods to avoid list, as the first step to any reset is removal of the things causing harm.

This is a good focus this week.  Think removal!  Not in the way where you feel deprived, but instead, where you feel unburdened.  Where it's exciting to see where you've been and where you are going.  Where you can release with love and look forward to something better. 

During the reset, we want to focus intensely on what we DO want to nourish the body with.  

The goal is to purify your gastrointestinal system, improve elimination, all body systems,  and remove chemicals from your tissues. 

We will be using DrFoodie's 7D Nourishment plan and focusing on bringing balance to our nourishment.  

Most of this is eating whole clean foods, eating low carb and gluten free if not grain free at times, developing proper eating schedules, and eating 70% of our nourishment from plant food sources.  If you are a full fledged hard core meat eater, don't worry you can retain that preference, it is just taught to be done in balance.  Vegans and vegetarians can still retain their preference as well.

The beauty of learning 7D is that it is a life sustainable dietary plan which means you can successfully and healthfully continue this plan into your life longterm, without feeling like you are missing out, but doing so in balance.  


The basics of a whole foods, mostly plant based diet include

All the vegetables you care to eat




Gluten free options

Beans, lentils, legumes

Nuts and nut butters

Seeds and seed butters

Healthy fats like avocado, sunflower oil, and coconut oils


DrFoodie follows the Law of Nourishment in planning all programs including 7D and RESET.  The functions of food are a huge part in this.  In fact, it is a wise idea to download a blank chart, to chart on your own and see how many of each function you are consuming each day.  The instruction of the food functions is here, but it will be coming up as a lesson in your Day 4 Toolkit.



Anything processed

All soft drinks (even the natural ones!!  There are too many sugars, and the carbonation is not nice either)

Processed foods-cans, boxes, bags

Fast food

All refined sugars, candies


Caffeine- if you dare!  haha


Don't worry if you can't avoid all of them at once.  Maybe choose one each week and delete more as you go.  Later on, as you follow the 7D nourishment plan into your life, you will just be more observant of how often these kinds of foods are coming in. 

 Because “you are what you eat” I would pay attention to foods and learn all I could. I want want to choose organic as it has the least toxic load to congest my body’s functioning. I would choose non GMO foods. GMO means genetically modified organism, meaning science has changed the molecular structure of the food. It’s kind of like mating a pit bull with a Chihuahua. It is great for industry because you can alter the taste and texture of foods and produce it less expensively meaning more profit for the business. However at what cost to the body? How long before we don’t have to grow anything and it can all simply be made in a lab? What effects will that have on our natural living, breathing cells that know just what to do?

Bonus!  Many people report weight rebalancing/loss coinciding along with their reset, so you might want to hop on a scale and take note of your current measurements. Keep in mind, it's not all about the weight number, as muscle weighs more, and hopefully you'll adopt muscle building exercises if you want to lose weight because that's the best way to lose fat!  Here is more about metabolic syndrome and weight loss


Sample Meal Plan:

Breakfast:  Fruit smoothie with a pea protein powder, try my favorite MVP Smoothie

Lunch:  Spring Rolls

Supper: Mushroom Alfredo   and watch the video to make it

Snacks:  Gluten Free Pretzels with Sunbutter

                Fruit and nuts

                And if you are having a hard time getting away from the sweets, try this                        delicious cookie dough alternative

Healthy Juicing:  Detoxifying Green Juice    Watch our video on juicing:  why? and the only green juice you'll ever need

 Here is a Non Vegan Diet Options Chart to help transition from your current mainstream diet.  Otherwise just stick to what's recommended in each day's toolkit. 

Go on to Day #2 where we discuss what exactly the 7D Nourishment program is!


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