Reset Day #21- Supplements and Formula of Success Checklist

 Supplement needs of course depends on the need of the individual. There are helpful things about supplements, but there are also some disadvantages. One of them being that a certain nutrient is being extracted from the whole food. The whole foods was put together with all of these nutrients on purpose so that they could work together, so you should consider that.

At times, it is useful for the body to help restore it to use certain supplements for improvement in function in the body, but that diet and lifestyle should be considered also. Remember, it is not as close to nature as possible to get your nourishment from pills…pharmaceutical or natural. Use it while it’s needed, but make plans for the changes that won’t need supplements to function.

And of course, quality matters. Buying your supplements in large bottles from sams club is like buying bulk of your low grade food that you are now going to ingest and expect wonderful functioning and health for your body. Not only may the body not break them down, but they may be toxic to the body if they aren’t in fact broken down. If you’re going to spend the momey consider supplements as part of your grocery budget and decide your health is worth it.

Here is a list of some useful beginners everyone can benefit from.

Supplements for Every Diet

*Talk to your Doctor or health partner to determine if the supplements and in what quantities are right for you.

Vitamin C – 500-1000 mg daily. Overall healthy body function, protective and preventive, boost immune system on an adaptive level, meaning the body will choose how much “boost” it needs and store or disperse the rest.

Vitamin E – Particularly the one called gamma tocopherol. Known source for healthy skin, heart, and prostate in men as well as helping you to regulate cholesterol

Fish oil – known for prevention of heart disease, particularly a blend with EPA and DHA, cholesterol regulation, helps to raise good cholesterol(HDL), and lower bad cholesterol(LDL)

Acetyl L Carnitine – 500 mg daily major brain boost! Helps prevent dementia, improves memory and cognitive functioning, power player in anti aging. Biggest benefit is it’s protective effects from the accumulation of neurotoxins in the brain.

Minerals – Not only from mineral rich vegetables(the ones that grow underground…carrots, beets, potatoes, yams, sweet potatoes, turnips, parsnips, rutabaga) but particularly calcium for ph balance, healthy strong bones and teeth, potassium for energy, and sodium to help stay hydrated as well as selenium which is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory

Amino acids- particularly branched chain amino acids, helps whole body perform better, improve muscle mass, all around building and repair of body

Flax oil and meal – particularly if you don’t get your omegas from fish oil due to a fish allergy or a preference to eat vegan/vegetarian. Works to restore bowel regularity, improves colon health and symptoms of IBS. Buy cold pressed and refrigerate it.

Green products – green powders are combined greens from spirulina, wheatgrass, chlorella as well as spinach, beet greens etc. Great when you have trouble getting all your greens in in a day, or have picky eaters it is easy to add to smoothies. Note, that you do not get the same enzyme rich quality that you would eating fish, so it doesn’t replace eating greens, but especially if you don’t eat ANY greens, is a step  

in the right direction. Some source of chlorophyll is necessary!

Protein powders – to gain appropriate protein throughout the day. Take with enzymes to ensure absorption for use in the body.

Probiotics – improves digestive health. It is the healthy flora that balances out the bad bacteria, as well as is what converts our nutrients for use in the body.

Digestive enzymes – A must have for any person. Helps digest foods and foreign products in the body. Helps with digestive disease symptoms, and allows the body to break down nutrients for use. One before each meal. Taken with meals it helps to digest the food. Taken in between meals, it helps to clean the blood.



Breakfast:  Dr.Foodie's Ultimate Smoothie 

Lunch:  Fresh Fridge Lunch Formulas or:

 Loaded Baked Potato:  Prebaked potato, split open, then stuffed with beans, veggies, and hummus or nutritional yeast. 

Supper:  Chopped Olive Walnut Tacos


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Success conditioning Formula of Success Checklist





Use the Success Conditioning Work It Out book to identify, heal, and break the pattern of old concepts




Acknowledge each day: “Please attune my vibration to the level of what I wish to attract”




Repeat your clear image




Believe, envision, project your image into your life. Meditate on who you are becoming.




Use the Success Conditioning journal to write your image and intentions for the day each morning.




Read I am Success and apply the keys to your life each day.




Use “Love Letters” to attract high vibration, choosing one mantra each day.




Use the Success Conditioning Journal to express gratitude each day.



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