Reset LIfestyle #3 - Why do we do this anyway?

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So why are we doing this anyway?

Now that we've got a framework of what you'll be eating to "RESET", let's talk about a few things that go behind a natural health lifestyle.  So let me share some definitions

and  let’s talk about what you’ve stepped into.

I want to express first and foremost that it is my belief that no health care method should be ignored but join hands in harmony and work together. When you need help, please employ the right modality for you.

Now having said that, it is also my belief that many methods and opportunities of health care have been largely ignored. No matter my beliefs, I’m not here to convince you one way or the other what is right or wrong for you, that is up to you and your goals. But let’s explain a little of the differences.

I believe that body has the natural innate ability to heal. I also believe that sometimes because of the world we live in our bodies face things that have major impact on the body and needs assistance from time to time.

I like to teach people everything they can to know how to protect and keep themselves healthy before calamity happens, but that when it does you can trust the professionals to provide their services.

Let's go over some definitions:

LIVING NATURALLY means living as close to nature as possible, as untarnished by convention and quid pro quo as possible. It means living in accordance to Earth and Universal Laws. This can be a more extreme end of the natural movement spectrum.

ORGANIC means it was grown without pesticides or harmful growing methods.  A little tip for you:  a product can contain only 2% of an organic ingredient and STILL be called organic in the label!

Natural does not necessarily mean that it is a pure food or product.  It could mean that it was made with a portion of products that are know not be grown by nature, but it does not necessarily mean pure, or that it is WHOLLY grown in nature.   For example:  "natural flavors" means they are FLAVORINGS mimicking natural sources, but not necessarily the source itself.  

When you speak of NATURAL HEALTH methods, generally you are searching for natural methods to relieve the body of stressors and symptoms.


Holistic health is when you have an understanding that the being is not just a body. It is a mind, a soul, an emotional being as well as physical. Holistic care keeps all of these aspects in mind and health is only considered to be present when all of these aspects are healthy as well. So when a person receives holistic help, it may involve counseling, coaching, business development, as well as nourishment therapies and supplement regime.

What is Functional Wellness?

Functional Wellness is the unique term for the natural health practice of identifying the body as a functioning unit containing systems of function comprised of cellular structures serving a function.  In layman's terms, everything has a job and a purpose and a reason to be inside of this amazing capsule of the human body.  Functional Wellness is not about defining the ailment, illness, or disease by term or diagnosis.  It is about taking the body from where it IS to an image of where we want it to BE.  Through the process of identifying functions that are imbalanced and thus not allowed to "do their job", supporting the functions of the body cells, systems, and unit as a whole, and imaging wellness the body is returned to a normal state of function.
It is the belief that a person can heal in the microcosm of the body, just as the world can heal in the macrocosm if each individual unit is allowed to perform its purpose and function.

There are many many many fad diets and programs out there and it is hard to discern truth.  That is why we work to keep educating more and more so that this task is easier.  Natural health is not about fad or hype, but about learning how the body is/was meant to function. 
It can be hard to learn what is real and true in health methods and that is why it is important to listen to your body and keep educating yourself.  It is also important to not take things as truth before you've checked into them.  Remember that food manufacturers have their own agendas:  profits and board satisfaction, to name a couple.  Many things are accepted without us looking into them and this is unwise on our parts.  Keep in mind just because it exists on a shelf does not mean it is healthy for us.  For example:  Aspartame is one of those substances that is grossly unhealthy and damaging to our bodies, but is commonly used and accepted.  But look at some of it's known side effects.  These aren't even hidden from us, they just aren't highlighted for us to be aware of them.  It takes checking into.


Now don't get scared and worried about everything, just take baby steps at a time, choosing one thing you can take on and then another and another.

Also, know WHY you are doing it.  Why do you want to learn?  What is your why?  It will make consistency and follow through that much easier. 

Many people hear of the hype of natural health and want to jump on the bandwagon and seem to think it is little more than instead of walking through medical doors with a diagnosis and prescription in hand, they are now walking through “natural” doors with a diagnosis and herb in hand.

This is not the case, and most of us as natural health practitioners certainly don’t want you to transfer your dependence from one system to the next. We try to educate you to learn your body, trust it, and use resources as tools not as dictators.

But whether you are here to simply “test out” a natural route or to invest a lifestyle change into natural living, it is useful to have some skills under your belt. You will find enough information to form a good beginning to your natural education

It All Begins in the Gut

Everything about health starts and ends in the gut.  From Food allergies and intolerances to environmental toxins to simply eating improperly, there are a lot of impedances to health that we don't NEED to be having.   For the body to be healthy, this valuable system must first be functioning well. Your food is what becomes your cells so it would only make sense that you would first try to eat the highest quality food you can find, but then also make sure your digestive system is performing well enough to handle it, which includes, but is not limited to, how well the body eliminates!

I speak not only from knowledge and education, but from personal experience. I, too, had the diagnoses of IBD, IBS, Colitis, Ulcerative Colitis, Ulcerative Proctitis, and Crohns.   I attempt to share that experience and the healing that came with it through my many interactions with people in the same boat.   How I Healed, Balanced, and Restored my Gut

Learning is key.  Trying to correlate the experiences and themes of your life to help identify causative factors can be hard.  If it feels like it's time to get some help, our practitioners set up one on one consultations to help.  

When food really feels like a fight you've lost and you don't even want to eat because you don't know what's causing the upset, check out this article

I've also written books on the topic that may be useful towards your mission of gut health:

"5+1=0  Pathways of Elimination"

"No Grain No Pain:  Following a Polysaccharide Conscious Diet For Intestinal Health"

"The Real Heal"  


 Here are 3 Things You can do To Feel Better Digestive Health TONIGHT


Today's Meal Plans:

Breakfast:  Vegan Banana Split  or a Fruit and Pea Protein Powder Smoothie with 2 Tbsp Ground Flax and 2 Tbsp Chia.

Lunch: Large salad with spinach and mixed spring herbs.  Squeeze of lemon and olive oil for dressing, with as many vegetables and olives as you like.  

Supper:  Power Food Ragu

Snacks:  Fruit, nuts, or dried fruit

A Healthy Sweet Treat:   Lemon Cake

Juicing:  Circulatory and Liver Cleansing Digestive Juice

If you missed our video on juicing, check it out here again


Eating out?  Here are some reviews on restaurants that have options for health and do a good job offering accomodations and alternatives to the typical. 


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