Rest #5- The Personality, Reponsibility, and Your Real Purpose Here

A big part of what makes up our lives is what we BELIEVE to be true - our concepts.  We'll be talking about this more as we go along, but at this point, we want to take advantage of this space in our reset that allows us to contemplate ourSELVES and what we want from this life.  What is the point of doing any change to better our lives, to adopt any lifestyle, to change any diet unless it moves us forward?    If it doesn't change us, what's the point of doing it?

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So the first thing to understand is that there is the you that is made up of spirit, and houses all that you ARE, innately and throughout growth.  Your PERSONALITY and body are the vehicles to which your service is shared out into the world.  The personality is just the seeming definition of who you are and what you are about, what you offer.  When it comes down to it, it is not about US anyway.  It is about what we bring to the world, and the legacy we leave.  In truth, the way true happiness and satisfaction occurs is NOT what we acquire for ourselves during our life, but by what we leave behind.  

Now here is a biggie in our reset.  It is nobody's fault.  TRUE; we have GMO problems, TRUE our foods may not be a nutrient rich as before due to processing, TRUE our organizations may not be monitoring things well enough.  However, if you keep blaming someone or something outside of yourself, (It's my thyroid, it's because of my illness, it's because of my genes)  you are giving your self excuses to be less than your own greatness.  As long as you blame someone or something outside of yourself you will never achieve the results you want.   Blaming someone else keeps you powerless and your goals far far away.  No one is responsible for our health or what we have developed into our lives.   But, you ARE responsible for your own improvement DESPITE your current hand of cards.  

Much of what we suffer from is due to our misperceptions about ourselves and what the world is apparently mirroring back to us.  Without judgment of this and with acceptance of who we are at the state we are in, we will discover there is no need for judgment, blame, or hatred of anyone else, and that it truly is an opportunity to see how YOU have been judgemental, blaming, an unaccepting of YOURSELF.  Believe it or not, food plays a big role in acceptance.  However, you don't have to accept your current reality.  Decide who you want to be and allow your daily choices to reflect that. 

If you are on this reset, I would take some time to get in silence with yourself and focus on intention on WHY you want to do this reset, what it is you are hoping to get from it.    

And going even bigger:  what will you be after this reset?  How will it help you to serve out your particular talents, skills and abilities to better the world?  It is through this that we truly find our joy, and all we want is discovered here. 

People really love our Fractions of Personality concepts.  What we discovered is that over the years and hundreds of people we've been working with, people tend to fall into certain similarities and patterns.  We discovered 5 common constitutions:  The Digestive Personality, The Good Girl/Boy Personality, The Liver Personality, The Heart Personality, and the Chameleon.  What happened when we took a look at this is that we can see correlation among the personalities and their methods of healing.  We call these "fractions", meaning they are a fraction of the total personality, of the whole of human personality.  We discovered people tend to fall under one dominant personality composition, even if they might have modicums of the others at times.  It's really beneficial to try our quiz, and see which Fraction of Personality portrays you best.  This information helps you learn more about yourself and can help discover why you have manifested what you have, and how you heal best. 

 Lastly, sleep is an important part of our healthy lifestyle.  Once you adopt some changes, you will see that the mind is ready to relax and the body is satisfied and worked enough to be able to sleep.  If you are still struggling after your reset, definitely get in touch with us and share some one on one time. 

Be sure to look under "today's meals" for a special bedtime soothing drink supportive of deep relaxing sleep. 


Todays Meals:

Breakfast:  Chocolate Hazelnut Smoothie

Lunch: Hummus and Avocado Toast

Supper:  Apple Quinoa Burgers

Bedtime Treat:   Golden Milk

Juicing:  Raspberry Rave Juice


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