Retrain the Autoimmune Allergy Brain

What Happens During Inflammation?

It is this adaptive immune system that both works in our favor, but also causes difficulty as its continuously assessing, and adapting to the stressors in the environement.  This is why we have difficulty, thinking we're on track to recovery, but the original and underlying insult hasn't been resolved and adaptations are being made and we morph into different symptoms or symptom variation.

Salutogenesis: Applying the CAUSE of Health

These studies back up one of the main tenets of the COPP theory:  that autoimmune is an individual attack, a disease of separation and rejection based on trauma either experienced, perceived, or physiologically through maladaptive systems that induce physical stress, and the resulting cellular trauma adaptive stress response. 

What If It's NOT an OVERACTIVE Immune System?

Stress, both internal and external, WHY the cells are putting up a defense needs to be looked at in order to construct an environment conducive to healing, or all the physical methods, drugs, and supplements that you are trying won't quite be enough. 

Feedback Loop of Inflammation and Stress

Why could some people balance easily back into function with one or the other method or protocol, but the “feedback loop” of inflammation was not completely severed and illness manifestations returned? 

“I have esophagitis.” Yes, do you know why? “Because I have GERD.” Yes, do you know why? “Well, no, not really.”

It seems evident that often knowing WHAT it is is not as life serving as if we can get to the root and recreate functional opportunities that restore and retain human functioning.

What is the Proposed Theory of a "Brain Allergy"?

This theory offers the belief that not only can the body create an “overactive” immune response, as in common leaky gut theory, but can and often does activate a phylogenetically older system of immobilization and that this is often a missing link to why we can’t reduce an inflammatory response. 

What's Missing in Autoimmune Care?

What's Missing in Autoimmune Care?
It is my premise in COPP Theory that these programs and adaptive strategies have the power to generally shift, halt, disrupt or distort cellular responses and ultimately metabolic pathways leading to adaptive behavior causing symptoms and inflammatory disease and that these responses are then neurally encoded:  what I call “trauma-adaptive programming”.   Most importantly, in understanding these operations, we are allowed a platform with which to develop strategies to rebuild a phytochemical foundation, convey a new program to the cells, essentially “re-setting” the cellular code and neural messaging, ending the feedback loop expressing symptoms and disease and altering DNA.