Aunt Ozie's Cafe - LaValle, WI

While traveling through Wisconsin towards the House on the Rock, we stopped in a little town called LaValle.  I'm a sucker for mom and pop shops as I prefer them to chain stores.  The  joy, excitement, chaos, and unknown is what I like to discover.  With a chain restaurant, it's true, you know exactly what you are going to get, from one state to the next.  When you walk into a hole in the wall, small town cafe, you have no idea what you are getting into.
The small town feel was evident as you walked in the door.  The man taking our order sat right at the table with us.  meeting new friends is a mantra at this cafe and you can feel they are untouched by conventional norms of the uppity chain store dissociation.  So far so good.
So, to the good stuff.  Will you be able to find tasty healthy food you can eat?  If you are on the SCD or paleo, or polysaccharide conscious diet, you will be hard pressed as it's the typical pancakes and sandwiches you'd expect to find on the menu.  Not a lot for vegetation. They do have fresh salads, though tasty as they are, you will have to ask for no dressing to avoid the sugars they are made with.  What's left for you poly-co people is burgers without buns, hashbrowns, and salad with no dressing.  But yes, you can eat there.
We had the Mandarin Walnut Salad with coleslaw.  It was a simple coleslaw as he mentioned it would be, and I like that for those with sensitive palates.  No onions, or seasonings to worry about. 
Overall, I'd stop there again.  The people were friendly and peaceful to us.  We enjoyed playing the old piano(who knows if I was supposed to).  Though if you are severely health conscious, you will want to know they use processed chicken on the salad, and I"m not sure where the rest of the ingredients or meats come from.  They're mission is making downhome food to taste good.

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