Food and Energy

Food and Energy
What is often lost in the shuffle between dietary fads, eating for flavor or emotion, and the conceptions of eating to fit work and busy-ness of life is the fact that there is an energy to the food itself. Not only is there an energy to eating, but there is an energy to the concepts about eating, and there is also energy to the food itself.
This is often overlooked, but one of the most important factors of food. We are well aware that food is a physical substance, working to feed a physical body, but the body is also a body of energy. As its cells spin, it creates a frequency. That frequency is energy. It would make sense to examine the energetic components of food as well. It would also make sense to understand the more processed a food is the less natural energetic vibration a food possesses. This is often called a “dead food”. In contrast, one can eat real, whole, raw foods, or even juicing, and the effects are well noticed in a short amount of time, that the person feels alive and vibrant. These fresh whole unprocessed foods are called “live foods” and the energetic structure of the molecules themselves is entirely different than those that have been processed, stored in plastic, cans, and boxes, sat under flourescent lights in a holding warehouse and then transported. It is not a stretch to imagine that the food would vibrate differently, and less matching of the frequencies of the body.
One has often heard that eating foods fresh from the garden, or within 15 minutes of juicing, or in sprouting are healthy options. This is because the food has fresh been plucked at the peak of its growth, where the food is most alive, containing the most nutrients, and having been recently in the energy of the earth itself. As a magnetic structure, the earth’s energy itself is very powerful. Imagine the powerful energy that transfers from the earth to the food.
It takes an understanding of this energy, but also a consumption within balance of the energies.
This means one can consume typical conventional processed foods, but by keeping it in balance with fresh natural earth grown and unprocessed foods, they still can maintain health in the physical body.

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