Fresh Fridge Formulas: Plant Based EASY, HEALTHY "Fast Food"

7D Nourishment Presents:


Plant Based Meals with

Fresh Fridge Formulas

Plant Based, Food Fx  “Fast Food”

Creating a Fresh Fridge

Why?  Why would you want to do this?  

Well, if you have chronic disease, symptoms, or extra weight, you want to take a look

If you've wondered about being a vegan or a vegetarian but don't want to "give everything up", you want to take a look

If you have dietary restrictions due to to nutritional illnesses, you want to take a look

If you are unhappy with life, wish you had more self will, willpower, or self discipline, you want to take a look.

If you are tired of paying so much for groceries, you want to take a look

If you just don't know how to navigate a healthy diet, you want to take a look

If you are confused with fad diets and biases, you want to take a look.


Creating a Fresh fridge:

* It will encourage you to eat more vegetables and fruits

* It will encourage you to put your money where you want your body to be.

* If it's there and ready, you're going to eat it, because we eat what's available

* It will teach your kids how to eat better

* It's cleaner

* Easier to prepare, easy and efficient through the week

* Less time consuming to prepare and clean up each meal

* Easier cleanup - no grease and messy pans

* Clean eating for your body

* Weight loss, as well as HEALTH GAIN, which is most important

* Reduce risk of chronic disease

* Feel better

* Better for the earth and the environment

* Cheaper - on the body, and on the pocketbook, ESPECIALLY if they come from a garden or farmers market, friend's garden, or CSA share!


If you fill your fridge at the beginning of each week with fruits and veg, make it a challenge to eat them up before the week is through. Each week fill it with different varieties of produce.  If they are prepared and cut the more likely you and your family will grab and eat them. The more likely you will add them to everything else.   If they are taking up your fridge space and you’ve spent money on them, the greater the chance that you will eat them.

For each person, enough for:

3 fruit servings a day

Lunch salads with 7 vegetables options in them daily

2 sides of vegetables at every supper

Frozen fruit for daily Breakfast Smoothies

Plus, you can create your weeks according to “theme”, and choose produce accordingly.  For example, have a mexican themed week and select veg that go better with tacos, burritos, taco salad, etc?  Like Red, green, yellow, and orange peppers, jalapenos, rutabaga, lettuces, onions, tomatoes, cilantro, olives, avocado, hot sauce, etc.

Or Chinese and choose bamboo shoots, water chestnuts, celery, sprouts, shredded carrots, broccoli, snow pea pods, etc.

That's so much produce!  Won't it all go to waste?

Not if you're eating healthy, it won't.  If you're still trying to put into your belly all your other foods and you're eating them first, then probably.  This is the point where you must ask yourself, "How badly do I want (fill in weight loss goal, health goal, body image goal, etc)

What if you didn’t eat them all?  What if the week ends, it’s time to refresh your Fresh Fridge and you still have some left over.  Don’t throw them out!

* Greens can be frozen to add to smoothies, soups, casseroles, juices

* Fruits can be frozen to add to smoothies

* Fruits can also be dehydrated and make dried fruit.  Fruit can be pureed and poured onto a dehydrating liner to make fruit leather.

* Bananas can be frozen to make banana ice cream

* Herbs can be dried to be used as spice or frozen and used in casseroles and soups

* Many can be used to grow the next...for example, celery can grow a new celery shoot, garlic can grow more garlic, potato eyes can grow more potatoes, etc!

* When in doubt, COMPOST!  At least it will CREATE dirt to grow the next batch in !


Ideas for Creating Meals With Your Veg:

*Make a lentil and vegetable soup to eat throughout the week so it’s easy to have a well balanced, nutritious meal available in minutes, when you can’t prep a  Fresh Fridge Lunch.  Every week, I make 1 soup that can be eaten throughout the week, or frozen in single servings and kept for much later on, or a quick meal when needed.

* Black Bean and Veg Soup

* I made vegan burritos (and a side of burger for the carnivores)

* Taco night with all the vegetable fixings and herbs and a variety of beans and meats for meat eaters

* Stir fry and rice

* Spring rolls, my favorite!

* Vegetable spiralized noodles with sauces, try this one with mushroom alfredo sauce!

Here's What's So Cool About It:

* It follows Food Fx(functional eating) and 7D Nourishment (70%plant based, 30%animal product as desired) and the Law of Nourishment for balanced eating.

* Even if you don’t like this all the time, but a week here and there, will benefit.

* You can easily follow the Fresh Fridge Formulas for easy fast food healthy eating to get a good breakfast and lunch, then healthy snacks through the day with the fresh produce in your Fresh Fridge and then eat what you want for supper

* Statistics show the majority of the problem is through the day when we’re out and about, and late night eating, or the type of eating we do when we’re being social, so this is acknowledged through this lifestyle of eating.  The times you are generally social and doing the worst eating is already accounted for, and plans for it so there's ZERO GUILT.  

* For weekends, we eat  "weekend food", which means we generally do what the crowd we are with does.  If we are at home, we eat leftovers and get the fridge read for the next week.  We choose the new produce and get it prepped.  We cook new batches of rice, noodles, dried beans and lentils and put them in the fridge ready to go.   We bake and eat whatever appeals to us on the weekends, especially if we have swapped some of our 30% suppers into Fresh Fridge 70% meals.

Find the cool infographics below and get them for yourself HERE:  

Fresh Fridge Formula for Breakfast Smoothie

Fresh Fridge Formula for Lunch

Fresh Fridge Formula Lunch           fresh fridge formula breakfast




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