Go On and Be Somebody

The monkey athlete skeleton cowboy

Ever feel like this? Sometimes I just can't decide who or what to be. I love the innocence and freedom of a child. When did we lose that? I love that his options are not limited. Sure I can be a skeleton if I want to who cares about the fact that I need skin also? How about a cowboy even though I live in town and have no horses perfect sign me up that's me. Athlete yep bring ithe on Nike. Monkey? what fun why not. When did we start being so limited? I love that for a child nothing is out of possibility. But, realistically we really get to be a number of things each day. We don a great number of hats we wear every day in our many roles we play. And we spend so much time trying to define ourselves by them when really what it comes down to is that we are in fact a part of the Great I Am. The very essence of God and to deny that is to limit God himself and the work he does through us. It's a great blessing to be able to choose all of the people we could become and not place limits on ourselves or on God.

We know that we are all here for a purpose even if we don't know what that purpose is exactly today as we get caught up in our endless tasks and to-do lists. But what an honor that we get to be somebody. We get to honor the greatness inside of us and live a way that we choose as whomever we choose. I've learned so much from this two year old and the innocence creativity freedom and joy of a young one. It is inspiring. His possibility makes me want to go ahead and be somebody for this little guy and eevery kid everywhere, for myself and for the world. Go ahead it doesn't matter if you want to be a postal carrier, politician or a pantomime just do YOU and be somebody.

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