Greatness in the Making

How often do you wonder: what’s the point? What is this life for? If our point is to grow and evolve…until what? How do we know we have achieved our mission? And what do we do it all for?
In my humble opinion, I believe what healers and prophets have said for centuries….we’ve moved into separation so we could experience the joy of coming back into oneness with Divine. So we could remember who we truly are.
This makes me think of the truth and value in lessons like this: if someone were to Give you everything you ever wanted, would you really know the value of it? It seems a lot different when you worked to receive what you wanted. Think about it, when you own a business, you work differently than when you worked for someone else, didn’t you? I’m not saying it’s right or wrong, I’m just saying we see a different value. When my sons were given gifts, they appreciated them. When, however, they worked to earn that item for themselves, it was all theirs and they saw the value of what it took to receive it.
I think the journey of our life is like this. We pull away just because we know we can. We separate in order to have experiences. It makes the joy of rediscovering the connection to something greater than ourselves that make it all the better.
When will it be enough?
My thoughts have been contemplating this question and I have a new answer. I don’t believe we are here simply to heal our own trauma and karma. Despite what we believe about if incarnation exists or not, I believe that we are here to have experiences and that these experiences are for our own soul growth, individually and collectively. I believe that in order to come back to Oneness with Divine, it is possible that we will incarnate again and again until we’ve experienced every emotion that every person everywhere that ever existed has experienced, or at least until we are open and aware enough to truly be in ONENESS. Then we wont’ need to experience all these ourselves because we already are ONE with each other and therefore each others’ experiences. I believe it’s because we already ARE oneness but our minds, though great tool that they are, prevent us from seeing all that God sees collectively.
No one said, however, that we need all of these experiences ourselves. It makes me think even more that life is about relationships. We grow by sharing experiences. Even more so I know now that we need to be there for others, share compassion, allow ourselves to go through things with people, allow ourselves to have emotion. This does not mean attaching to it, but to revel in the joy of discovering each human emotion in every situation, knowing that we are growing for ourselves, and knowing that we are growing for others.
We need to not hunker down and protect ourselves from pain but to live it humbly and in the best manner that we can, knowing that it all serves our growth. We need to not shelter ourselves from what others are going through and stay in our own comfort zone. We need not fear.
We need to take risk to discover our own Greatness within and then be un-fearful when we present the world with it. To do anything less is to deny ourselves and the world any healing and benefit that could have been received. Same is lame. There is nothing good in dumbing oneself down to make another feel good.
I believe we are here to be our own Greatness, let that come to the table, and let the world benefit from it. Being your own Greatness is not for the weak of heart, it is for the brave, and for the courageous. You know courage: it’s being brave even in the face of fear. You still may feel fear, but you understand it as a human emotion and you don’t let it stop you anyway.
Grow by feeling!

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Enjoy your Greatness in the Making

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