The Top 10 Health Documentaries That are Streaming RIGHT NOW on Netflix

Nutritional Psychology is at it's best right now, along with some powerful exposes on the truths and untruths behind mass appeal madness.  

If you want some binge education to improve your health and life, here are the latest top 10 documentaries you should be watching right now.

1.  What the Health - Examines the link between diet and disease, and the billions of dollars at stake

2. Food:  Delicious Science - There's a method to the sensory madness behind the foods we love and crave

3.  In Defense of Food - How the industrial driven western diet has ruined our health

4. Fed Up - Sugar and childhood obesity

5. Vegucated - 3 meatlovers take on a 6 week veg only diet. 

6.  Hungry for change - All about how the food industry teases our own psychology, establishing faulty concepts of necessity

7.  Inside Medical Marijuana - Growers and practitioners sound off

8.  Feel Rich - Musicians and athletes make their claims for the benefits of a healthy diet, exercise, and spiritual practice

9.  Plant Pure Nation - 3 public health crusaders struggle to get the facts to the population about a nutrition revolution

10.  What's With Wheat - A candid discussion on why wheat has become such an alarming threat to our health

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