Why You'll Have Greater Success NOT Making New Year's Resolutions

I know you will be bombarded over the next couple of days with well intended self help gurus wanting to teach you how to set goals and make plans for your best year yet. But there are a few things I’ve learned that I stand by. If you follow these simple thought shifts, you will BY FAR have greater success than if you simply made the traditional resolutions.
First of all, WORDS ARE EVERYTHING. Watch what you say. Simply framing it in a different vocabulary can maximize the impact on the vibrational plane. For instance, Resolution means resolve, to determine, to decide with great fervor. Which all sounds great! IF there were something you were fighting against. To determine with such great fervor, you must have intense belief or strong emotion over it. All of which are good things so that you TAKE NOTICE, but not useful if you attach to them. Making decisions from emotion is usually illusionary and therefore FALSE. However, if you have paid attention to the emotions you feel, allow them to honor you with knowledge, not judge them and let them pass through you being grateful for the human experience, you can then separate yourself from the emotion and use your mind as a tool to make conscious (un-emotionally related) choices from a place of real thought.
“Resolve” implies that there was something that you deeply want to change that you previously have not been successful in, that you need strong will and determination to be successful in. Anytime you act with this thinking you are acting from a belief that there was SOMETHING TO FIGHT! When truly, there is nothing to fight, there simply IS.
I prefer with greater success to come from a state of Beingness.
Start with your lifelong bucket list. If you haven’t already done so, now is a great time to write one and add to it continuously.
Choose the things that would make the absolute most amazing year for you in 2015.
Now, here’s the key. Rather than “make a resolution” for them to happen, plan them into your calendar! You’re already planning for their presence. You are planning for their resolution which is a different meaning to the word. This form of “resolution” means for the situation to clear up, to alter, to change, which is the form you are looking for. This is simply coming from a solution-oriented center rather than trying to achieve contentment and satisfaction from an external source.
If it is a character building trait, instead of planning it as an appointment or event into your calendar, put it at the top of your calendar as an affirmation for you to read multiple times of the day. In this you are planning for your success and for the “resolution” to the undesired consequence. For example, say you want to lose weight. First of all by “resolving” to lose weight, you are asking for “wanting” rather than the weight loss. Simply start seeing yourself as the lighter person and start making choices that that lighter person would make. Put it as an affirmation on your daily calendar as an image of how you see yourself: “I am my own perfect weight. I eat and behave in a way that my 130 pound body enjoys”, for example.
This difference is determining there’s something you are fighting against by not wanting it any longer and simply BEING the person where resolution has already happened. You’ll be surprised at how things “resolve” in your favor just by you re-directing your “determination” into useful energy rather than wishful thinking.

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