Why Learning About The Functions of Foods Makes Sense


While the food pyramid that we all learned since kindergarten is a great categorizing systems of like characteristics in food, it does nothing for demonstrating how the food Works to function the body. Now let's understand this if the main reason why we eat is to function our bodies then it would make sense to me that we would want to know what function does food serve once they come into the body right?

 Understanding the Food Functions teaches us that there are four basic things a food can do in the body. They can build the body they can help the body eliminate.  They can congest the body, and they can lubricate the body.  Once we know each of these functions we can use them appropriately.

Health does not have to be hard especially if we assist the body in its natural normal processes.  Two major things the cells need to carry out are: take nourishment in and get waste out.  Healthy nourishment does not need to be about avoiding foods, in most cases.  It needs to be about learning these food functions in proper balance, not counting calories, not adding up points, but determining which functions you are imbalanced in and which functions you need to eat more of. The method is simple. The results are astonishing. 

I first became interested in food and how it affects the body when I was working to naturally attempt to heal my body from incurable diseases of ULCERATIVE COLITIS, ULCERATIVE PROCTITIS, CROHN'S DISEASE,  all known to be incurable diseases.

Common practice is using a combination of antibiotics and steroids to reduce the inflammation from these diseases. This, however was not an acceptable combination for my body and I ended up in a wheelchair seemingly indefinitely with no one to tell me what was happening.

I did relearn to walk. I put my body into remission not once but twice. While all of these diseases are known to be "incurable" I am healed and maintain the health I enjoy with the proper balancing of the functions of foods.

I have since made it my mission to teach others how using the biggest tool  in your toolbox (your food) has the power to be the leveraged "money shot" when it comes to relief of your symptoms and rebalancing your body inside and out.

I founded and developed FoodFX as an  online transformative health and wellness brand, easily accessible for ANYONE to gain access to these powerful tools. 

I am dedicated to teaching this highly valuable difference in food knowledge and use and what that means for your health outcome.  Food is meant to FUEL the functioning of your body. Wouldn't it make sense to understand the FUNCTIONS of the foods.

Food Fx uses a food methodology unlike any other program out there because it teaches nourishment principles.  It works for people wanting to re-balance weight, gain vitality, improve health, heal from dis-ease or addiction, and/or live a more conscious, happier existence. 

Over 15 years in practice now I have observed there are no symptoms of disease that did not benefit from the proper balance in of the functional categories of food.

ANYONE can positively affect ANYTHING in SOME Way through better nourishment.  See for yourself!


Our Founder

* Amanda Plevell holds a PhD and Doctorate in Natural Medicine

* A masters in Clinical Nutrition from SCNM in Tempe, AZ

* She is an honors graduate with Diplomas in Biochemical  Nutrition, Hair, Skin, and Tissue Analysis, Clinical Natural Medicine and Naturopathy,  and a Bachelor's Degree in Applied Psychology, Counseling, and Education.

* Perhaps most importantly, the School of Life gave her intense education as she used diet and nutrition to heal her body from crippling illness. 

* Works with people all over the world to achieve a level of health and well-being they never thought possible. 


Miraculous Healing 

Starting out with her own health struggles with thyroid imbalance, depression, anxiety, Ulcerative Colitis, and Crohns disease, Amanda discovered miraculous healing through diet and natural therapies.  But it was in 2015 that she found herself in a wheelchair from medical trauma adding Steroid Induced Myopathy to the list.  Losing the use of her legs, in extreme pain, and adapting to life in a wheelchair, Amanda once again resorted to diet and natural methods to give her body a fighting chance....and won.   She spent 2016  re-learning to walk and develop a healthy body once again, running a 5K marathon the following July.   She has currently no diagnoses, no medications, and no supplementation for healing.  


Amanda began her career after facing severe medical diagnoses that opened her thoughts to include scopes of practice from realms Eastern and Western.  Her interest in research, cellular biology, and epigenetics led her to receive her PhD from New Eden School of Clinical Natural Medicine after starting her own Natural Health and Functional Wellness practice in Minnesota in 2007.  Amanda’s research on digestive disorders such as Crohn’s, Celiac, IBS, and IBD focused mainly on the cellular mechanisms and her belief in the coding cells receive, thus determining their behavior.

She began studying Quantum Physics, epigenetics, and nutritional genomics, earning her a Certification in Nutritional Genomics and helped her see how this might help her further establish her cellular belief theories.  The belief that the outside environment largely determines behavior of the cells, as well as the coding cells have received in their “programming” from sources such as internal thoughts, theories, beliefs, and emotions as well as environmental influences and cosmic imprints, including conception and creation, is paramount to the understanding of “healing” vs. “curing”.  

Applying these discoveries to her own life transformed her personally as well.  Her deepened understanding of cellular behavior changed how she lived her daily life as well as how she worked with clients through practice.

Amanda has since taken this work to further writings and lectures.  Having an understanding of “Concept Pathology” and methods to re-train programmed threads have shaped new methods of work in the functional field.  This also altered how she saw diet and nutrition and came to new understandings in that arena as well, leading to the creation of the ANMC Holistic Health center and the books, “Clean Your Plate” a functional physiological understanding of nourishment, and “Beyond the Plate”, a guide to the relationship energy between the self and food.  She is happy to hear her contributions lightening the lives of countless attendees of her workshops, lectures, and one on one appointments.

Her work is summarized in her books, “The Genesis Code”, “The Real Heal” , "Clean Your Plate", and the latest practical guidebook to creating a whole life:  “UnBound: Raw and Real Plans to Kick Anxiety From Your Bucket List”.

 Through ANMC Holistic Health center she helps individuals walk through their own miracles of healing, teaching concept identification, healthy eating, eating in balance, and how to heal with food through learning the food functions, the Law of Nourishment, clean eating recipes, and plant based nutrition to assist with weight loss, anxiety, depression, and nutritionally related chronic disease.  Her bestselling books include such  titles as "Clean Your Plate", "Beyond the Plate", "The Success Conditioning Work it Out Book", "The Genesis Code", "I Am Success", "The Energy of Divorce", "The Real Heal:  The Genesis Code" and "Your Final Forty: Getting out of your own way of Success".  


 1998-   Amanda graduated from St. Cloud State University with a Bachelor's in Education and Applied Psychology:  Marriage, Family, and Child Counseling.

 2003-  She worked at the St.  Cloud Hospital in the Pharmacy Department, expanding her knowledge on chemical treatments and their interrelationship with the body.

2007- Amanda recovers from Ulcerative Colitis and Crohns Disease.

2007- Became Certified as a Natural Health Practitioner, and Trained and became Certified as an EDS/MSAS Technician in 2007.

2007 -Opened the Natural Source Clinics, Success Conditioning  Academy, and DrFoodie.live is born!

 2003-2010  She continued on earning certifications and credentials from Certified Natural Health Practitioners, Trinity, Clayton College of Natural Health, AIM Institute, and a multitude of individual modality and instructional seminars and certifications.

2014-  Received the Best in Business Award in Natural Health and Wellness.

2015- Wheelchair dependent.

2017- Diploma in Hair, Tissue, Skin, Mineral Analysis, College of Natural Medicine, Larnaca, Cyprus.

2017 - Diploma in Biochemical Nutrition, College of Natural Medicine, Larnaca, Cyprus.

2017- Doctorate in Clinical Natural Medicine/Naturopathy, New Eden School, 2017  [New Eden School earning recognition for exceeding WHO(the World Health Organization) standards]

2018- Full use of legs restored, she went on to win 2nd Runner Up in the Mrs. Minnesota Pageant, wearing heels.

2018-PhD in Philosophy of Natural Medicine,  New Eden School of Clinical Natural Health.

2019-  Received the Best in Business Award for the 6th year running. 

2019- Earned Board Certification from the American Naturopathic Medical Board.

2021 - Certification in Nutritional Genomics - SCNM, Tempe AZ

2022 - Masters in Clinical Nutrition - SCNM, Tempe, AZ.


We were made to be healthy and happy.

It is estimated that 678,000 deaths each year are nutrition and obesity related.(www.cspinet.org)  

That does not even account for the number of diseases that are caused in part or in whole by improper diet.  

It would make sense that since our food is what becomes our body that we would both prevent disease process and assist it’s healing with food.  

But a huge part of that impact that has been missing previously is the relationship, or the subconscious conceptual belief set  we have with food:  the faulty ideas, thoughts, and beliefs we have about food and ourselves and our whole life situation need to be addressed as well as proper education on the laws of nourishing the body itself.

We operate on the belief that:

All concepts need to be addressed in addition to physical care of the body.

It is necessary to educate on truth and principle of the biophysical LAWS of Nourishing the body, not solely on the nutritional makeup of the plate, but the needs of the body’s functional capacity.

It is necessary to teach the FUNCTIONS of food as a means to assisting and balancing the FUNCTIONING of the whole body.

It is necessary to understand faulty concepts as a causative factor in why we eat the way we do, that alongside improper nourishment education, our faulty subconscious programming thus creates the experience of health or lack thereof.

This is why we teach on Programming, and Concept Work, and The Science of Thought.  The thought programs the cell to respond, collect, attract, and produce.  Learning to apply Concept Pathology supports the whole being outcome. 

The Body MUST feel safe in order to heal.  Amanda's Neural Cognizance Training exercise helps to address the limbic system and the evolutionary survival nervous systems of the body to GO BEYOND THE ROOT


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