Ambassador Program


As a DrFoodie Ambassador, lots of great benefits and opportunities will be presented to you to help encourage people to learn the value of eating from a functionally balanced intention.  The positive impact will not only benefit the interested individual, but will also have a subsequent influence on those within their surroundings.

What you will gain from becoming a Food Fx Ambassador:

  • Build and maintain excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Become a strong leader in the wellness field
  • Encourage a continuity of upward creation of better food provision and consumption
  • Encourage manufacturers and food producers to meet high quality standards
  • Learn fun, simple, and delicious recipes.
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle and affect the health and well-being of others.
  • Expand your knowledge of health and nutrition as well as their importance.
  • The option and opportunity to start and facilitate Food Fx Book Clubs

As an Ambassador, you will also have access to promos and offers for a variety of resources* including:

  • DrFoodie branded bags and gear, available as a variety that changes throughout the year
  • Tools and resources to make growing through your health with Functional Diet easier!
  • Meal Plans, tracking logs, and symptom inventories
  • Ebooks to share to your interested network
  • Business cards to to share around your block!
  • Special offers to DrFoodie Book purchases at cost
  • Offers to purchase Book Club Kits at cost
  • A variety of educational videos to make your success eaasier
  • Pre-designed social media posts to make sharing the love easier!
  • Pre-written educational articles to get published in student newsletters, community papers and other options at your disposal
  • A variety of info-graphics
  • Recipe cards


Register here to become a DrFoodie Food Fx Ambassador.