DrFoodie's 90 Day RESULTS Program

There is a difference between Nutrition and Nourishment

What if I told you weight loss didn't have to be so hard, and that, especially for women there are some BIG metabolic factors that play a HUGE part?

Wouldn't it be great to stop playing the guilt and shame game where you endlessly beat up on yourself?

What if I told you that symptoms of ALL KINDS OF DISEASE and illnesses could be reduced by simply restoring body balance using SIMPLE techniques?

What if I told you that there are FUNCTIONS to food and their use and balance or imbalance will help to determine the expression of your health or non-health?


Years of health research leaves out some VERY VALUABLE and NECESSARY information EVERYONE should know!

DrFoodie knows this and is passionate about teaching others.  DrFoodie is an online transformative and natural health and wellness brand.  Not only is it an easily accessible online toolkit, but it contains a transformative holistic health program called, DrFoodie Results, dedicated to teaching this highly valuable difference and what it means for your health.


Food is meant to FUEL the functioning of your body. 

Wouldn't it make sense to understand the FUNCTIONS of the food? 

DrFoodie RESULTS is a food methodology unlike any other program out there because it teaches NOURISHMENT principles.  DrFoodie RESULTS works for people wanting to re-balance weight, gain vitality, improve health, heal from dis-ease or addiction, and/or live a more conscious, happier existence.

DrFoodie RESULTS will teach you the functions of food themselves.  DrFoodie RESULTS will train your brain and body to reset, to decode the conceptual programming that could be preventing your success, and grow your life through truly nourishing means, changing your self, your family, and our world.  

For you, this might mean that after Completing DrFoodie RESULTS you could:

Experience weight loss and/or fat loss
Experience a re-balancing of your body’s shaping
Discover a new sense of contentment with yourself
Improve your mood
Feel more energy
Feel happier and more joyful
Enjoy your life more
Feel less grumpy or moody
Feel more clarity
Notice less illness
Notice less pain and/or stiffness
Notice a reduction in symptoms previously held
Change your mindset
Change your viewpoint and concepts
Feel healthier in your eating
Feel more confident in your meal planning and food knowledge
Be happier in your relationships
Feel happier with who you are
Feel less anxious, worried, or fearful on a daily basis
Feel healthier overall
ANYONE can positively affect ANYTHING in SOME way through better nourishment!  See for yourself!


"I was so sick and tired of being sick and tired!  Nothing worked, and I tried EVERYTING!  DrFoodie's name says it all.....RESULTS!  I can't say thank you enough! - Tricia

"I have never experienced anything like this.  I thought I was just signing up to lose weight.  I had no idea!  I can't believe this simple knowledge is not common knowledge!  Learning Food Functions and Conceptual Healing is a MUST!"  -  Rachel

"I felt in such a PRISON with restrictive up and down dieting.  Worse, I HATED how I felt about myself and shaming myself for what I "apparently" was doing wrong.  I wanted better health, but I wasn't getting anywhere.  Nourishment makes so much sense.   And it was so EASY!"  -  Ellen


During This 90 Day Experience,

You'll Learn...

  • The  4 Food Functions and how to eat in alignment with the functions each food serves.
  • Proven mindset and behavioral techniques to never feel powerless with food again.
  • How to feed your kids and your family health-fully, TRULY!
  • Learn your Unique Healing Personality and what that means for how you heal.
  • Accessing your image for success rather than relying on determination and/or willpower
  • How to boldly empower your own health freedom
  • How to plan truly healthy, balanced meals according to PRINCIPLES of how the food works in your body, not characteristics of the foods themselves
  • How to chart your meals and identify your own health balance or imbalance


Using DrFoodie's Bestseller, "Clean Your Plate":


We work on the premise that:

  • There is a natural and organized system in place
  • People don't want to be a slave to their diet
  • People don't want to be imprisoned by their illness
  • ANYONE employing proper fueling nourishment can improve their life.



  1. Our signature DrFoodie RESULTS Training Program.  Amanda Plevell, founder of DrFoodie.live will walk you through the core of the principles the RESULTS program is based on.  You'll learn the life-changing mindsets, and how to identify your faulty concepts on your own so you can continue to have success long after the 90 day program is over.  Each lesson is straightforward, easy and instantly applicable.  You start immediately!
  2. Weekly live coaching sessions
  3. Weekly recipes, motivation, educational tips, charting, live videos and more!
  4. A community of support.  You will be given access to our closed FB group set up specifically as the place to receive weekly videos to keep you motivated.  Plus, you'll find recipes, tips, tools, charts, and more from DrFoodie AS WELL AS recipes and support, ideas and help from the other community members.  You be as active or private as you want to be!
  5. Access to DrFoodie's entire Online Toolkit for added exercises, articles, and tips for success.



Who IS DrFoodie?

Amanda E. Soulvay Plevell, PhD, is a Natural Health Practitioner, with a Doctorate in Natural Medicine, and an Academic PhD in Philosophy of Natural Medicine.


A former Crohn's disease, Ulcerative Colitis sufferer, and wheelchair occupant, she now shares the experience of her restoration and how it changed her views on true health and well-being.  She believes that food and energy are our tickets to understanding and creating well-being, and  that since our food is what becomes our body, that eating well can both prevent disease process and assist it's healing with food.  Now she teachers others to "Clean Your Plate and walk through their own miraculous lives.  Read more on her story here.


Things You Should Know About DrFoodie RESULTS

  1. This is not a temporary diet/detox/fad/fix.  The principles you learn allow you to easily apply them to your life to teach you a lifetime of nourishment and balance, essentially how to have you cake and eat it too ---in a healthy way!
  2. There are no special foods to purchase, points, calories, or numbers to count, and you WON'T go hungry.
  3. This is not an exercise program.  Yes, we will discuss and answer questions about exercise because it seems there is a LOT of confusion over movement principles but it is NOT the mainstay of what RESULTS is all about.
  4. Change your life NOW by committing to YOURSELF,  for the FULL 90 days!  It is a 90 day program, but with DrFoodie's online toolkit, and online community, access to learning principles can continue indefinitely. The information in our 90 day program, live coaching, and Community Tribe groups are recorded so you can use the information IN YOUR TIMEFRAME.
  5. DrFoodie RESULTS is so much more than learning the difference between nutrition and nourishment.  It is really a personal development journey, and we've had miraculous stories of the great experiences and unique ways RESULTS has changed all dimensions of life!



What the RESULTS Program Looks Like:

Anyone can make change for a short period of time.  That's NOT what RESULTS does.  This is a system of prolonged and sustainable lifestyle expression.  Here's a snapshot of how RESULTS looks:

WEEK 1:  Where we went wrong and why we haven't been successful with what we HAVE NOT been taught, plus your CUSTOMIZED COACHING PLAN

WEEK 2:  The Functions of Food and what that means for your health

WEEK 3:  Real Food and 7D Nourishment

WEEK 4:  Personal Mindset Principles

WEEK 5:  Putting Meal Planning Into Practice

WEEK 6:  The 4 Steps to Boldly Empower Your Health Freedom

WEEKS 7-9:  Concepts and Limiting Beliefs, pulling it all together



You Get:


Live Weekly Coaching Sessions on our private closed FB Group

4 Weeks of our Video Training Program

9 Weeks of Educational Program Emails

Online Toolkit Access







We Can't Wait To Work With You! 

See You Soon!