Food FX: Healing


Let Food Be Thy Medicine

and Medicine Be Thy Food


What most of us DON'T know is that there is a FUNCTION to the foods you eat, and that it can have HUGE effects on your body's expression of health or illness....

The Ways We've Been Taught About Food Are Wrong...Which is a Pretty BIG Deal, Since it has been estimated that over 678,000 illnesses are food related, and ENTIRELY PREVENTABLE or MODERATED BY FOOD.

if you pay attention and balance those functions across your daily eating, the results can be astonishing!

* symptom relief

weight loss

* fat loss

* skin clears up

* IBS, constipation, diarrhea, bowel issues relieved

* better bowel movements

* better elimination across all 5 systems of elimination

* stronger immune health

* feeling happier

* symptoms reduced or relieved

* relief of feelings of anxiety

 When your body gets properly NOURISHED, it's amazing what can happen!


Learning about the simple principles of Food Functions, Amanda Plevell healed from "incurable" diseases and has since helped others to improve their health by understanding the same simple principles.  


Miraculous Healing 

Starting out with her own health struggles with thyroid imbalance, depression, anxiety, Ulcerative Colitis, and Crohns disease, Amanda discovered miraculous healing through diet and natural therapies.  But it was in 2015 that she found herself in a wheelchair from medical trauma adding Steroid Induced Myopathy to the list.  Losing the use of her legs, in extreme pain, and adapting to life in a wheelchair, Amanda once again resorted to diet and natural methods to give her body a fighting chance....and won.   She spent 2016  re-learning to walk and develop a healthy body once again, running a 5K marathon the following July.   She has currently no diagnoses, no medications, and no supplementation for healing


In this FX: Healing group you'll learn:

1.  The basic Food Fx Program, with adjustments that increase the body's efforts for healing.  It is simply done through learning and applying the simple food truths that 98% of Americans will never know, but should if they want to fuel for health.

2. Learn the Function of Foods and how they interplay with your body, defining how your body will respond. 

3. Avoiding the triggering Functional category of foods and why it wreaks havoc on your health.

4.  Formulas for eating that are complete and balanced, even while avoiding certain categories.

5. Why certain foods are culprit

6.  The inflammatory process

7.  The 5 Eliminative Systems and how to get them back into shape. 

8.  How to eat, exactly, stage by stage through the body's healing process

9.  How to blend Food Fx with your preference:  Keto, Paleo, SCD, AIP and other healing diets....they ALL work with Food Fx and Food Fx SHOULD be applied to them!

10.  Where to shop

11.  What to buy

12.  How to feed your family when you all eat differently.

13.  Dealing with "picky" eaters

14. Recipes that make life simple

15.  What to do when eating out

16.  What to do during holidays

17.  And much much more  


You'll get:

* 24/7 access to all of DrFoodie's articles and recipes

* Ongoing continuous support while you heal and when you need it through our group chats

* Weekly videos, recipes, tips, charts, and hacks to make healthy eating easy

* A community of those with the same goals as YOU

* Information on how Amanda healed

* You'll get the 4 week Fx:  IBYES Course through  educational emails to use at any time!  

* Learning the program is conducted through FB groups as the platform, so you can access the lessons, videos, tips and recipes all the time.  PLUS you can ask questions.  The Group is a closed group and you must have an invite.  After you make a request for an invite, you will be sent an invoice by email.  It is a ONE TIME payment of $67 for lifetime membership and all of the free resources.  Once paid, you will be added to the group and can learn immediately.  Start with the WEEK 1 video and get started in your own time!  Then browse the feed, the comments and the answers.  The people that are the most successful are those that access the group regularly and keep learning and asking questions and learning from each other

* The ONE TIME ONLY fee of $67 includes the 4 week email course AND the Closed Community Group for LIFE!

***  We are not performing a "treatment" for"Healing".  We are setting up the environment for success.  It is amazing what the body can do when it is supported to do it's's all about functional wellness and supporting those functions.  This is a support diet, not a cure.  This plan works well alongside any method of healing you are choosing.  This should not be construed as diagnosis, treatment, or cure and you should discuss with your health professional as needed.