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In 4 modules, learn how to use food to work in your favor to increase your body's expression of health!  Learn:

* the ONLY reason to eat and why it's been so HARD to eat right!

* What functions of food are and how they serve the body

* How to know what foods are going to decrease inflammation, promote weight loss, and decrease inflammation

* Foods that build your body, and foods that support your healthy metabolism

* Why it's NOT just about "eating more vegetables"

* The HUGE component found in fruits and vegetables that is necessary to ALL metabolism

* How to easily track and see how you're doing without counting calories or points!

*Topics like why food helps illness, how food functions are necessary to keep a healthy optimized body, and what is meant by "natural", "organic" and when it's worth it, healing diets, REAL food and pH balance

* Learn what to do about snacking and fad diets

* Learn simple techniques to make a balanced diet EASY!



The cells need to be able to do two things first:  Nutrients In and Waste OUT!

In this course, learn:

* The 5 eliminative pathways your body uses.  

* Why you can poop well and still have elimination problems

* Strategies to keep each system in tip top shape

* Magic with a baby's brush and a bottle of sunflower oil

* Low cost tips you can begin to use IMMEDIATELY

* Supportive foods for each system

* Supplement options for each system

* The sixth SECRET system that we underutilize, mis-represent, or forget altogether.

* What to do with problem skin

* and more!