Ask DrFoodie

Amanda Soulvay Plevell
Amanda Plevell has been able to help hundreds with her core concepts for healing:  body, mind, and soul.  We wanted to be able to bring these principles to help even more people, even when you aren't face to face, which is why we have compiled this library of  DrFoodie's core courses to help you get started in whichever dimension you are currently focusing your growth.

What Is Your Current Focus?

                                            build better businesses
Master My SELF                 Children and Family             Work/Career/Purpose
heal limiting beliefs                    Eat Better                        heal from divorce
Heal Limiting Beliefs                  Eat Better                      Heal From Divorce
    impact others and make a difference                             healthy body                  build better relationships     
    Impact Others                        Healthy Body/                           Build
and Make a Difference           Wellness of Being             Stronger Relationships
intestinal health                       financial freedom                      accomplish more
Bowel Health/IBS/                        Achieve                            Accomplish
  Crohns/Celiac                   Financial Freedom                          More