Press and Media Reviews "Clean Your Plate"!

Clean Your Plate by Amanda Plevell – My Review

As I said before, Clean Your Plate is truly filled with incredible knowledge. I am a huge fan of this book because it aligns with many of my own holistic health ideas. Honestly, we have a very similar mindset- which I enjoy!

However, she has deeper knowledge in certain areas I do, and I learned a lot from this book myself!




Little Falls Author Looks at Food in a New Light - Morrison County Record

With a magnitude of fad diets on the market to chose from, Plevell was not surprised. One diet may advocate to remove grains, another fats and the list goes on. However, she is not there to tell them what they can and can’t do or eat.

    Instead, Plevell encourages people to look at the foods they eat in terms of what function the specific food items serve and what it will do once it enters the body. She addresses this in her book

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Former Graduate to Appear - Montevideo American News

Renowned author Amanda E. Soulvay Plevell, PhD, will be at the Montevideo-Chippewa County Library on Aug. 9, from 4 to 6:30 p.m., for a book signing event to celebrate the publishing of her latest work, Clean Your Plate.

Plevell is the author of over 26 books in the areas of Concept Therapy, Concept Pathology, Nutritional Psychology, Self Help, Growth and Trans­formation, and Success Conditioning.

She became certified as a Natural Health Practitioner in 2007, earned a doctorate in Clinical Natural Medicine/Naturopath in 2017, and attained a PhD in Philosophy of Natural Medicine in 2018.

Her own health struggles have been many. She was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis Crohn’s disease, and thyroid disease. She also struggled with depression caused by six miscarriages and the burial of an infant son born sleeping.

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