RESET 30 DAY Toolkit

If you're feeling like it's time for a reset, this is a great place to begin!

Many come because they just feel like they're getting nowhere with their health.  Some come because they don't know where to START with their health.

I'll tell you ALWAYS comes down to food and what you feed your physical body with.  That's what DrFoodie is all about:   the FOOD ( or poison) you nourish your body with and the mental food or poison you nourish your mind and soul with!

It takes a reset to get back on track and the fastest way to improve BOTH your body and your mind/spirit/soul is to feel better with food!  Then you have the energy to do the other important work to attract your best self yet. 

With ANY healing in any dimension of your life, feeling better is going to increase the wealthy health in ALL areas of life. 

So Let's Begin with FOOD!  It's a great way to practice and develop self will, self control, and self discipline, which is super important for every other goal orientation you may create with yourself.

With me so far?

Here we go....

How this works so that you can make this the most successful reset.  This reset posts lifestyle plans every day for your use for 30 days.  Each post is chock full of links to recipes, articles, and exercises all over's online toolkit, giving you maximum education right at your fingertips.  

 Keep it simple.  Don't get overwhelmed.    If you find you have an interest in more information through a link, follow it and check it out.  If it's for you, add it.  If it's not, simply come back to it later.  This is meant to help YOU!  The great thing is that you can store all of your email downloads in an email folder on your computer and come back to them again and again!

Let's begin...

Time to reset! This dietary plan is designed to reset your tastebuds so not only are the more healthy foods less offensive to you, but you'll actually start to develop a taste for them.   This includes the absence of ALL processed foods, junk food, refined sugar and sugar substitutes, dairy, gluten, and alcohol.  Why were some of these even classified to be called something that should go into our bodies in the first place?

The RESET 30 Day follows a clean eating diet with the 7D Nourishment as a guide.  This means reset is going to teach you to practice eating 70% of your diet from plants and vegetation, and 30% from grains, and meat and animal products if you choose it.  DrFoodie promotes a whole foods plant based lifestyle, but the RESET is made so that people in all areas of readiness can benefit.    DrFoodie writes plant based meal plans, but if you choose to eat meat, then 1 meal containing meat a day, within balance to servings of vegetables, is allowed per day.  This also works for those trying to conform to a grain restricted diet.  In this case your 30% meal (1 meal a day) could be the meal in which you add a grain side.  

The RESET follows the Fresh Fridge Formulas, wherein, the breakfast uses a smoothie formula, and the lunch uses a vegetation formula.  Then, the evening meal you can choose to follow the vegan/veg meal suggestion DrFoodie lists, or you can choose one of your conventional meals to enjoy.  Over time, what most people have discovered is that they crave the meat and grains less and less, and move to "30%" being only 3 times a week do they indulge in conventional meals.  Soon, many find that they make the switch to a complete plant based diet.  The point is that ANY of these steps is an improvement over the current diet, so allow yourself to grow and take its baby steps.  

The closer you stay to whole foods in the RESET, the faster your body will respond to good nutrition.


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