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New to Food Functions and Functional Dieting? 

 You're in the right place!

We eat to FUNCTION our bodies!  It makes sense to know what FUNCTION the food SERVES in our bodies!

Food FX is a customizable balance tool , not based on restriction but on balance and bio-individuality.

It consists of learning the functions foods play in the body in order to enhance natural system functioning,

ultimately leading to greater health expression.

Food FX is not a diet or a fad, it's a balance scale that influences the outcome of your  every health expression! This is not a theory based in sensationalism. It is meant to give a truthful account of the science behind our food, what functions foods play in our bodies, what makes up a “food”, and how to use food effectively so that you can make effective choices about what you want your health outcome to be.

Food FX Functional Dieting is a sustainable way to manage the nourishment of your body, and is useful combining it with any other diet methods you choose to employ, like AIP, SCD, KETO and other healing and weight loss diets.  No matter the diet, you STILL need to be functionally in balance.  We'll show you how!