The Plans

Plan 1:  Eating for Healing

Our food is our biggest tool in our toolbox to regain or maintain health and well-being in our futures. 

It would make sense that since food is what becomes our bodies, it would have a large impact on the outcomes of our health, or at least assist in its healing process.

Food Fx  reduces the inflammatory response known to cause disease.  This is how Amanda healed from Crohn's, Ulcerative Colitis, and Myopathy, and how she now works with her clients all over the globe.  

This plan is perfect for those that are in a healing crisis, have known diagnoses or symptoms and would like to balance their body functions to assist the body's natural innate healing response.



Plan 2:  Healthy and Fit

The Ways We've Been Taught About Food Are Wrong...Which is a Pretty BIG Deal, Since it has been estimated that over 678,000 illnesses are food related, and ENTIRELY PREVENTABLE or MODERATED BY FOOD.

What if I told you that risk of disease expression of ALL KINDS OF DISEASE and illnesses could be reduced by simply restoring body balance using SIMPLE techniques?

What if I told you that there are FUNCTIONS to food and their use and balance or imbalance will help to determine the expression of your health or non-health?

Wouldn't it be great to stop playing the guilt and shame game instead empowering yourself to have a say in your health and happy life?

This plan is perfect for those who want to stay healthy, eat correctly, and maximize the liveliness of their body.  Perfect for athletes, bodybuilders, and fit-focused people as well. 



Plan 3:  Lose Weight

You KNOW the foods you SHOULD eat, so why hasn't WEIGHT LOSS worked so far?

What we are currently trained to believe goes against basic principles of human functioning. How we eat in the Standard American diet has been known for decades to be the largest factor in diseases like Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome, Thyroid disorders, Hormone Imbalance, Obesity and Heart Disease.

What if I told you weight loss didn't have to be so hard, and that, especially for women there are some BIG metabolic factors that play a HUGE part?

Even if you’ve “tried everything”, missing out on understanding the functions of food is likely your biggest reason why.

Food Fx provides hormone balancing, enzyme-rich foods , and the proper pathways to burn fat for good.



Plan 4:  Eating for Emotional Stability

What if I told you that food has a huge impact on our mental health, your son's ADHD and behaviors at school , oh, and your feelings of anxiety?

There is a difference between Nutrition and Nourishment. Years of health research is wrong and leaves out some VERY VALUABLE and NECESSARY information EVERYONE should know.

Food Fx balances neurotransmitters and helps remove toxins, leaving the brain more capable of doing it's job.