What is Food Fx Functional Nutrition?

Food Fx is not a fad or diet trend, but a balance scale tool teaching the functions of foods across a wide scale of food choices in order to keep the functions within the body working effectively.    While DrFoodie teaches a nutrient dense diet made up of whole, real foods, Food Fx is useful to employ with ANY diet choices, in order to keep the body functioning optimally.

For those who are already suffering the effects of disease, food is FREE HEALING! Why wouldn’t we employ the nourishing and medicinal benefits of the food properties, ESPECIALLY if we understand which functional foods to eat!? More so than that, food is to be FUEL, the health before healing is needed. If we ate intentionally for our bodies’ best benefit, we often times wouldn’t need the “healing” that disease necessitates.

I fully believe food is our natural way to an existence void of health complications. I fully believe food is our key to enjoying life and healing many of our chronic complaints including even depression and anxiety, two areas of which are more and more frequently being diagnosed and medicated for.

 As Hippocrates said, “Let food be thy medicine.” As long as we know the functional capacities of food, and make conscious decisions about what we take into our bodies, we have the ability to make the call over the condition of our bodies and its representation of health.

There are many diets, methods, theories, and misinformation concerning our diets and it can be confusing and overwhelming. When we stop to consider the very simple laws that come into play, hopefully we will have a more clear-cut view on how to nourish our bodies healthfully.

Try as we may, there is an undeniable connection between our food and our health. We can’t deny it; it is what makes us up, after all. Trying to have special diets and focus on fad foods of the day serves only to distract us away from the simplicity of the function that food really is: to nourish our bodies with it’s consumption, and to nourish our soul with the time spent growing, preparing and sharing a meal with the people in our families and communities.

The simple truths in Functional dieting are that there are particular FUNCTIONS food serves in the body.  The premise is that if we nourish the body by keeping these functions in appropriate balance, the body will function as it is intended to. 

While DrFoodie teaches a diet consisting of whole and real foods, Functional Diet balance is key across the board no matter which diet plan you are following. 

What do you eat on Food Fx?

The same things you eat now, maybe increasing some here, decreasing some there.  You just understand their functions and eat them in balance with each other.  Hopefully you feel so good about getting healthy that you continue your health by increasing nutrient dense foods.


A healthy Functionally Balanced diet includes a lot of the same things you know you should eat now, it just shows you how to eat them in balance.  Also, as life is life and birthday parties, graduations, weddings, and get togethers are a part of it, Functional Dieting shows how to allow for foods that aren't as health promoting, should you decide to enjoy them as part of your diet plan.

* Quality protein sources including animal and plant based

* Nutrient Dense Plant based foods

* Healthy carbohydrate cruciferous, fibrous vegetables

* Nourishing Fruits

* Medicinal and culinary herbs

* Greens, leafies and vegetation

* Health promoting fats

* Probiotic, fermented foods

* Hormone balancing foods

At it's core, Food Fx promotes balance between acidic and alkaline foods, reduces Congestive function foods, enhances and equalizes Builder foods with healthy Lubricator fats, and promotes Eliminative plant based food choices, making up 70% of the cells' nourishment intake.   It does not cut out or completely remove any group or category of food, but is customizable to the healing and weight loss goals that would require it.  

Health Promoting Benefits of Functional Dieting:  Following Functional Dieting has been shown to have the ability to:

*  Encourage healthy cardiovascular and heart system functioning

* Reduce inflammation and symptoms of inflammatory diseases overall, including Crohn's, Colitis, and Autoimmune

* Reduce cancer risk

* Promote health of hormone balancing functional glands

*  Promote healthy weight loss  

* Improve metabolic functioning for thyroid health and those suffering from diabetes 

By focusing on the most nutrient dense foods available and increasing their intake 2 to 1 to the functions that are acid forming and/or Congestive, Food FX creates a healtheir environment in which the cells of the body can be nourished and wastes removed from the cell structure.  This has the impact to improve health across the board in all functional systems!

Functional Dieting is your gut health friend, balancing the Congestor function foods that cause gut dysbiosis and leaky gut, with more Eliminator function foods, that promote healthy, natural hormone regulation, improved bowel movements, proper lymphatic drainage and circulation, which can be powerful in promoting cancer free environments that are alkaline and aerobic ( necessary for healthy expression of function).

It supports healthy cytokines that reduce histaine response and allergic reactions to foods and seasonal offenders.  Balancing the functions of food across the board has the natural effect of reducing histamine burden and the symptoms it produces.  Balancing the function of foods and keeping them at the level that is appropriate to the body reduces negative inflammatory response to the food substrates (the chemistry compounds a food breaks down into) thereby reducing the symptoms that come from allergies, sensitivities, and intolerances.  

Functional Dieting is also your natural weight loss rebalancer as it increases fat burning resources of foods, and provides balance among the Congestive Function foods that bring water weight, unhealthy metabolism, poor thyroid and endocrine functioning and poor sugar/starch handling.   

What Food FX is NOT:

Functional Dieting is NOT a hard core, strict, regulatory plan to any ONE method of eating, with no room for cheating, flexibility, or self assessment. It does not count points, calories, or servings.   It's most important value is it's ability to flex and customize to the various bioindividuality of each user.  Food Fx allows you to remove the foods that don't work for you, enhance those that do, and build on your own goals for your health.  

Where can I get more information?

Call our center at 320-639-0044