Yearly Retreat

2020 Retreat - Date To Be Decided

The best thing you can do for your business, your health, your wealth, and your personal life and happening as we roll in the new decade!

Jump in to getting your business a renewed head start full of intention, purpose and drive creating the things you truly want your business to serve.

Re-look at the roots of your business and remember it's intention at the start, identify if that is where you will continue to grow, and what you envision coming in the future.

Reconnect with your internal mission and purpose and align your business and work/home/family life to balanced alignment.

Get centered and grounded once again in who you are, what is unique and innate within you to share out in the form of service, how to reap the benefits for your clients, business, community and make a difference through your work.

Connect the dots with your past experiences and what they mean for you to bring in to your future. 

Gather in group think sessions to solve what's not working, put into place what's next and gain momentum on the progress of where you want to take things.

Learn strategies, join strategy devising sessions, learn skills in the areas you lack:  marketing, systems construction, online presence and social media.

Learn to build or add hands off PIGS (passive income generating systems)to increase income, work once and profit multiply, and expand your reach.

Join mastermind discussions to brainstorm ideas, learn and grow.

Choose to participate in sessions that inspire you.  Come together with like-minded intentional professionals.  Network.  Grow.  Share.

All while living the life of the healthy wealthy wise, starting with physically connected health, taking actions that support the vessel of the being: eating and learning Food Fx Lifestyle Dieting with meals that support your body's functioning.

Rest, repair, and relax in between sessions.  

Bring your family and let them relax and enjoy while you attend your chosen sessions, or come alone and spend some time growing yourself.

Learn and participate in possibility and compassion meditations, service and growth of love sharing meditations.  Participate in group and /or individual wellness activities.


Then, pull it all together, bring it all home, and serve at a greater capacity than you were before.


Dedicate the perfect amount of time for you with our 3,5, and 7 day options.


Location and dates to be announced.  Email your interest to be included to:


Who is this for?

* any existing business owner

* any potential business owner

* anyone wanting to change their life for the better

* a network marketing business owner, a brick and mortar business owner, an online entrepeneur

* a stay at home mom with ambition



Who is this NOT for?  

Someone who cannot pull away for 3-5-7 days.  The retreat is invaluable for making greater impact with less stress, and more life.  If you are not there yet, you may want to work from home with our online courses.  Establishing boundaries, delegating, releasing control are all concepts to be worked through in this case, as well as a true image of how you want your life to look.  You read through all the way to this section; you must want to come on some level.  What's really holding you back?  There are ALWAYS reasons NOT to do something.  Be the exception.

Someone who had to scrape to pull together the costs of attending.  We don't want to pull anyone thin.  In this case you might want to work on intention and manifesting, identify images of lack, and heal limiting concepts of lack, and we will look forward to you joining us in 2021!  For those that are ready, start putting aside a contribution to your personal fund now and you'll be ready to sign up upon announcement!


Email your interest to be included to: