Optimal Wellness Snapshot

Optimal Wellness Snapshot

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From where you are and where you want to be.

Let's take a snapshot of where you are currently.  This Optimal Wellness Snapshot will help you look across all 8 Dimensions of wellness(physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, financial, occupational, intellectual, social), in order to learn what needs to change to bring about health and happiness, and how you can re-balance the imbalances in your life. 

Once you complete the snapshot, you will receive an email detailing the imbalances and options of strategies for restoring those imbalances.  The body WANTS to be healthy.  It is a direct expression of what is going on internally.  Let's learn why your body is expressing the way it is, at the core. 

Not only will you receive your Re-Balancing email, but you will be enrolled as a "Student of DrFoodie", entitling you to receive all of our recipes, healing tip articles, natural news, community conversations, new products, classes, and opportunities for your personal growth, transformation and whole being health.  

The Optimal Wellness Snapshot is an excellent way to get started or continue on your path towards whole being wellness AT ANY TIME, FROM ANY LOCATION.   It is NOT a substitute for medical advice, and  NOT a diagnosis.  You should still seek professional healthcare as needed.  Allow this snapshot to be another piece to your puzzle and journey towards wellbeing.

See you there!


Some symptom relief our clients have found after using the Snapshot:

* skin conditions, eczema, psoriasis

* IBS/IBD/Constipation/Diarrhea

* Food allergies/intolerances

* Seasonal Allergies

* Digestive disorders

* Metabolic syndrome, diabetes

* Nutritional balancing

* Detoxification

* Cellular energy

* Relationship transition

* Limiting Beliefs

* Anxiety

* Thyroid imbalance

* Weight rebalancing


 We do not make the attempt to "cure" any condition.  We work to support in proper balance, the functioning of the body.  Wonderful things can happen when the body works in union to the whole life!


Get started on the best part of your journey now!