Anxiety Release Seminar  Replay - MN 1-15-19

Anxiety Release Seminar Replay - MN 1-15-19

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Anxiety is so pervasive now, they say it’s affecting 1 in every 3 people and is now one of the largest categories of medications prescribed.  However, the relief is reported to be ineffectual in most cases. It is so pervasive that healing communities of all kinds are having a hard time deciding exactly what is effective and what can be done, and when relief is not felt, determination wanes.  

It’s as though we need to “interrupt our typical programming” because we can’t get through  when anxiety is pervasive.

In my opinion, my discoveries show more so that anxiety is a “communicable dis-ease”, highly suggestive and contagious.  Contrary to popular belief, I believe anxiety is a dis-ease of separation, and that it can be healable with connection and group intention. There has to be a trust, a composite, so it’s important that people that work with others can form that connection. They form a composite which forms a trust, and care can continue.  Originally this was going to be a practitioner’s only class, but there are more people that deal with anxiety with others and could benefit also. I will share my discoveries over the years and why I believe differently about healing it.

We will learn the 2 forms:  situational anxiety which is dealt with in the moment, and learned anxiety, which is vague.  We will discuss the relationship to hormones, food, and lifestyle, technology and the times and how that is affecting us, behaviors, concepts and limiting beliefs, how the subconscious is involved, conceptual healing, ptsd, self discovery and growth, supplementation that helps, why it can feel like counseling isn’t enough, fears and the vague-ness behind anxiety, and a few techniques to learn and use immediately.  The solution is simple, the work is hard. Or, rather is it that the persistence to do the work is hard?

Interestingly, the vast majority of professionals believe anxiety is TRAUMA ANXIETY.  When in fact it seems the greater majority of sufferers are LEARNED ANXIETY.  That is a big difference, and it's imperative that we do not blanket them together as the same.

 *Educational purposes only.  Not to be substituted for medical advice.  Do not stop your medications.  Do not stop seeing your healthcare provider.