Clean Your Plate Book Club with Support Kit

Clean Your Plate Book Club with Support Kit

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This is one of the most important books you’ll ever read.   In a world where it can often seem that much is beyond our control, and many authorities make decisions for us, food and what we put into our bodies still is our choice.  Food and our approach to it is HEALING!

It is applicable in EVERY healing and treatment endeavor.  Study the book in depth and apply it directly to your life with the help of a self-appointed like minded group you put together.  With weekly study and accountability, book club members learn new material, see insights through other group members, and keep each other boosted and positive as they support each other, share recipes, share progress and struggles. 

Book club kit comes with 10 discounted softcover copies of "Clean Your Plate", plus support kit materials including laminated Food Fx Charts for training, Progress Charts, and additional resources for your group.  

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