Fractions of Personality Education Bundle

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A specialized education kit complete for one of our most popular education tools:  The Fractions of Personality.

This is an education tool that is so exciting, cutting edge, and absolutely paramount to how we work with clients individually.  After years of study and direct clinical work, our founder, Amanda Soulvay Plevell has discovered that no matter the symptoms, no matter the systemic dysfunction, there seemed to be typical patterns of healing based on unique propensities of the body.  There seem to be unique compositions that can help identify an individual's lifestyle particularities including: physical appearance, how they will learn the best, jobs most suited to each personality, how to raise the child of each personality, even ways each composition heals the best.

For those who KNOW there is more to healing than physical.  

Wonderful for the person wanting to become part of The Next Generation of Healers who has an interest in helping their clients with real and natural healing.

Dynamic for the seasoned healer.

Materials are sent to your inbox and downloadable to keep and re-use as long as you need them.