Good Girl/Boy Personality Coursework

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Complete coursework that is designed to induce contemplation, balance and healing of: 

* Balancing physical symptoms and expressions uniquely associated to Liver Fraction Personalities

* Common Concepts of the Good Girl/Boy Personality-

I am not worthy

I am not right

I am wrong more than I am right

I am strong but I can’t express myself

I don’t want to hurt anyone (even though it is hurting them)

They are less valuable than others



Concept Courses to benefit the Good Girl/Good Boy:

Expectations exercise

I am worthy

Image of the self

Know Thyself activities

Healing the Inner Child

Soul Purpose

How to use Empathy and compassion without being used

Greatness Within

Look at each concept and decide if it’s your concept (If that’s your concept exercises)

Making decisions consciously

The food allergy variations chart

Light prayer over food

Yoga calming modalities

Learn tai chi

Breathing exercises

How to write images




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