Impetus For Change

Impetus For Change

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The difference between hoping and wishing is that hope comes from real objective reasons that the future is going to be different from the past.

This is a working exercise to help you determine if you are going to keep going around the same old mountain, and to see if you have a real plan for success or if you are just "wishing" for it.   It will help you determine if there are grounds for your hope that things will change, or if you have no valid reasoning behind it.

This exercise was originally written for improving business, but had been used by those wanting to examine change in their relationships, or those deciding if their current business will grow and change in ways they want, or if it is best to cut ties and move to something else.  

Take the time to sit with each question and answer it in the worksheet format, so that you can access if your "5 year plan" is likely to come to fruition or not.