Law of Nourishment Instruction

Law of Nourishment Instruction

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The Law of's not the food pyramid, which has changed how many times, and cannot possibly be based on truth.

There are many diets, methods, theories, and misinformation concerning our diets and it can be confusing and overwhelming.  When we stop to consider the very simple laws that come into play, hopefully we will have a more clear cut view on how to nourish our bodies healthfully.

Every living organism requires food for it’s use.  Even the simplest vegetable cell takes in and uses nourishment.    Guided by a power we cannot see, the plant takes in, absorbs and uses food that is essential for it’s growth and development.   If given what it needs to survive and thrive, it blooms into a beautiful plant.  If, however, it is grown in dry undernourished soil, the plant that will develop will be sickly.  We are no different.  The nourishment our bodies need in order to survive and thrive is very specific.  We need to take an accounting of the foods available and offered to use currently.  Just because it exists does not mean it is beneficial to our Life and/or bodies.  Just because McDonald’s and Burger King exists does not mean it has been passed through and been approved of by a board certification committee that qualifies food establishments for quality nourishment.  It exists.  It is our power of choice and free will to determine with reason what we will and will not nourish our bodies with.

This lesson kit contains the history and education of Law of Nourishment, including questions and actions and charts so you can take charge of your balanced eating, no matter what health condition, or dieting style you tag yourself with.