Making an Impact and an Income as a Healer Full Online Course

Making an Impact and an Income as a Healer Full Online Course

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Are you having trouble getting people through the doors, or following your call for action?  Feel like nothing's working?  Passionate as heck, but still broke?

All I Want To Do Is Help People!
We Know The Techniques. We Know We Are Healers.
But NO ONE Taught Us How To Get People In To Where We Can DELIVER Those Benefits!
If you're having a hard time getting people through the doors, if
you feel like nothing’s working ,or if you wonder why you are broke even though you’re so passionate, you’re going to want to carve out time to get the answers.

* The little known secret habit that consumers do that can make all the difference to getting their business
* Marketing to the peruse and swipe mindset
* Developing a trust and composite now needs to happen BEFORE You even get them in the door. How do you do this?
* You have 1-3 seconds to make an impression before they pan to something else. How to be one that gets their attention?
* Why wellness practices, including chiropractic, will fail to get people in the doors unless they do this.
* Developing a marketing system that works and is not just a waste of print and time
* How to get people to where you can deliver the goods
* Learning the benefits oriented mentality that attracts consumers
* Why wellness businesses struggle to get people into your call to action (it’s not because we can’t accept insurance and they have to pay cash out of pocket) 
* The ONE thing that will make them choose you over someone else 
* The ONLY secret you’ll ever need to be successful 
* How to have the most bang with the least investment
* What it is that people DON'T KNOW about wellness and so they keep reverting to old methods
* Do you know the 3 avenues of benefits marketing, and which one is most appropriate for you? If not, it could mean the loss of potential customers

By the time you’re done with class, I want you to:

*have an understanding and knowledge about all of the concepts I introduced (swipe mindset, 3 avenues of benefits marketing, creating a composite, defining your self and thus defining your niche

*(you need all of that in order to have)a defined clarity of who you are working with and what you are doing with them

* a clearly defined end result

* the foundation for your flight plan which includes all of the above, a clearly defined call to action, and the appropriate platforms, and your funnel plan to get there in a way that is most appropriate to your product or idea(which is your product)

* a plan for business card that works

As a BONUS you'll learn

*  How to set up an Intentive Money Calendar
*  How to set costs for services based on value and equal energy exchange

*  How not to be a slave to your business, your phone, or your laptop and actually enjoy designing your life

*  Setting your subconscious predetermined value, which is what you will go to each and every time it's time to bring in abundance. 


All of this for only $199.  My Success Conditioning Business Mentorships are usually $3495, so you're getting this amazing chunk that you can get started transforming your impact and income IMMEDIATELY!