Managed Plan

Managed Plan

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Let me bring my top-rated office to YOU!

Designed for those who need a little extra help in regulating and managing in order to reach their goals. Receive full access to DrFoodie's suite of healing diet recipes, conceptual exercises and programs, as well as an assignment to a fully trained DrFoodie Expert to guide you through your weeks and make adjustments to suit your needs.  

No matter where you live...or HOW crazy busy your schedule is...or what kind of healing your body is going through, now you can get help that brings success!

* Available all over the globe...from the comfort of your own home!

* Learn the secrets of our most successful clients!

* Nourishment experts at your fingertips!

* Get a roadmap to your own personal achievable success!

* Avoid common pitfalls! 


*  Receiving a weekly half hour phone call to create custom programs for you

*  Expertise from the comfort of your own home

*  Scheduling that works around YOUR busy schedule

*  Weekly 7 day meal planning with foods so good AND healthy!

* Comprehensive Optimal Wellness Screening at Initial Consultation

* Comprehensive Screening Follow ups each month

* Each Comprehensive Screening takes into consideration the core components to your program and lifestyle including:

      - Your unique Healing Personality

     - Your metabolic enzyme usage

     - Your Functional Food Balance

     - Your unique cellular programming

     - Your concept patterns

     - What kind of protein you should eat

     - The quality of your sleep

     - What kind of carbs you should eat

     - Right kinds of movement for your particular Healing Personality

     - Your digestion, metabolism, and assimilation

     - Impeding considerations like:

               - neurotransmitters and hormones

               - allergies and intolerances

               - diagnosed or un-diagnosed thyroid imbalance

               - adrenal insufficiency

               - sulfite gene

               - oxalate delivery

               - nightshade disruptions

               - lectins and legumes

               - functional capabilities of all 5 Eliminative Systems



Additional Benefits of the Managed Plan:

* Visioning, planning and accountability so YOU see changes!

* Support  weekly, as well as email access so you FEEL supported!

* Regular adjustments based on metabolic ability as your body changes so you aren't stuck in a plan that you've moved beyond, ELIMINATING PLATEAU!

* Energy, sleep, stress and emotions evaluations as you progress so your WHOLE BODY is included! 

* Direct one on one support so you can walk hand in hand to actually see RESULTS!


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