Moon Cycle Migraines

Moon Cycle Migraines

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There are more women that suffer from period-related headaches(AKA Moon Cycle Migraines) than those that don't.  One other misunderstanding is that THEY DON'T NECESSARILY HAVE TO HAPPEN DURING MENSTRUATION! 

Moon Cycle migraines can be debilitating, as sufferers know. Is there nothing that can stop them in a way that acknowledges the cause?

Download this product to read our e-journal to learn the little known corrections in lifestyle, nutrient, and supplemental changes to bring balance back to the systems that affect Moon Cycle Migraines. 

*the mineral that is as easy to be deficient in as it is to be toxic in

*the mineral that causes the same symptoms of PMS, if it's at overdose levels in the body

*the three foods that should be avoided at all costs

*the one food you're craving that is actually a symptom identifying this mineral's overdose

*when one should and should not eat certain foods during the month

*the workout exercises that are meant to help the body's hormone processes

*the hidden problem in your kitchen

*what your eating has to do with it

*the few supplements that have been discovered to bring balance to unintentionally disrupted systems

*the ONE mineral that is absolutely necessary to include in your diet


Ordering of this educational product Includes informative E-article and intro education video,  to help you assess your own journey and help you get started.