Plan 1: Eating for Healing

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This program is proven and powerful!

 Nothing's working?  We know.  We've been there.  Don't worry, you can get help.  You've made an important step towards your health and being in charge of your symptoms.  

Here's what most people don't understand...Food is HEALING!  By nature, food has the power to be a medicine or a it would make sense that you would want to know exactly what foods can help and which can hinder. 

This program does this by:

* Teaching daily steps that reduce inflammation

*Helping you decipher which foods are causing more trouble than help

* Learning the functions of food so that you know what to eat and when

* Teaching about enzyme therapy

* What to do when you're in a flare

* An "intro diet"  to reset the nervous system

* Teaches nourishment in a way that ANYONE can improve their current experience

* Gives powerful education so that you can make smart effective decisions for yourself

Did you know that FOODS each have a FUNCTION?  This program shares this secret and helps solve the mystery of why you are responding the way you are, putting you back in the driver's seat on the highway of your health and well being.

We will teach these secrets and more, in a way that you an apply IMMEDIATELY! 

Then, we also include the core of our DrFoodie Nourishment education so that you know how to STAY in balance:

1.  Simple food truths that 98% of Americans will never know, but should if they want to fuel for health.

2. The Function of Foods and how they interplay with your body, defining how your body will respond. 

3. How to make healthy food, FAST food.

4.  Easy formulas for breakfast and lunches that are complete, whole, and perfectly balanced, as well as quick and convenient.

5.  How to eat, exactly

6.  How to blend Food Fx with your preference:  Keto, Paleo, SCD, AIP and other healing diets....they ALL work with Food Fx and Food Fx SHOULD be applied to them!

7.  Where to shop

8.  What to buy

9.  How to feed your family when you all eat differently.

10.  Dealing with "picky" eaters

11. Recipes that make life simple

12.  What to do when eating out

13.  Health friendly holidays

14. How to handle illness and use food to assist your body's efforts to heal

Here's what to do next: 

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We can't WAIT to hear about your experiences and results!  Go YOU!