Soul Colored Love Book

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You are Here. (And you don’t know why) Have you been feeling like a broken record? “Why me?” “Why can’t I just find a love that is good?” “Why can’t I find a good man/woman?” “Why does it seem like all my relationships fail?” Are you ever so confused in your relationships that you just want to scream, “Love me! Where is the love for me?” If you have, then this is exactly the book for you. It will show you what could have gone wrong in the past and how to use it. It will teach you the real meaning of love, and that maybe what you’ve been looking for doesn’t least not in the possibilities of YOUR mind. You will understand that love has a vibrational frequency that maybe you’ve never figured out how to get on. Not knowing this code could have been what’s kept you adrift all this time. BUT, once you do, it’s like riding the wave toward your natural destiny, and your special someone, and at the very least, getting very happy with your SELF!