The 36 Critical Must Haves for Your Kitchen, Pantry, and First Aid Kit Webinar

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Yay!  Welcome to your FREE Webinar:  The 36 Critical Must Haves for Your Kitchen, Pantry, and First Aid Kit!

Hi, Amanda here.

Now that you have a copy of my Clean Your Plate book in your hand, I also want to make sure you got access to your FREE Reset 30 Day Toolkit.

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The fact is, “Clean Your Plate” will make so much sense to you that you’ll want to begin immediately!

And then day to day reality will hit where you are faced with typical daily habits and you’ll need a simple plug and play formula so you can easily follow the new understandings presented in the book!

Reset Toolkit will help you with that, so that you can get back on your feet in a way that has already been formulated for you.

Plus, if this is the FIRST you are hearing about all of the options to be successful, check them out!

  1. Get a friend involved.  You know that what you found is truthful, useful and amazing and that SOMEONE you know can use it.  Send them a copy! Or a link to get one of their own! In fact, here is a link to use code CLEANMYPLATE for a FREE book with paid S/H !
  2. Host a book club!  When you buy the Book Club Kit, you get 10 copies at a discounted rate! PLUS, book club support materials!  Not only that, but you’ll form a group of other like minded people who want to learn and improve themselves…..yay!  People to share meal plans and recipes with!
  3. Want to go deeper?  The next step would probably be our MASTERCLASS.  These are for the hard core students! When the student is ready, the teacher will come!
  4. Want the teacher to come?  Contact me

And don’t forget….you can ALWAYS request One on One or Group Coaching with me if you need more direct and personal help.

So NOW, let's get started with the FREE Webinar:  The 36 Critical Must Haves For Your Kitchen, Pantry and First Aid Kit!  Not only am I giving you this FREE webinar, but I've added BONUS CONTENT!  

What's Included:

1.  Main Webinar 

2.  Bonus Content Video on Enzymes

3.  Bonus Content Video on Food Fx

4.  Bonus Content:  Food Fx Chart

5.  Bonus Content:  Food Fx Blank Chart


Click the link to get started!  Have a great time!  Happy Health to you!